Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Unity Driver

EMC manila driver framework (EMCShareDriver) utilizes the EMC storage products to provide the shared filesystems to OpenStack. The EMC manila driver is a plugin based driver which is designed to use different plugins to manage different EMC storage products.

Unity plugin is the plugin which manages the Unity Storage System to provide shared filesystems. EMC driver framework with Unity plugin is referred to as Unity driver in this document.

This driver performs the operations on Unity by REST API. Each backend manages one Unity Storage System. Multiple manila backends need to be configured to manage multiple Unity Storage Systems.


  • Unity OE 4.0.1 or higher.
  • StorOps 0.5.7 or higher is installed on Manila node.
  • Following licenses are activated on Unity:
    • CIFS/SMB Support
    • Network File System (NFS)
    • Thin Provisioning
    • Fiber Channel (FC)
    • Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)

Supported Operations

In detail, users are allowed to do following operation with EMC Unity Storage Systems.

  • Create/delete a NFS share.
  • Create/delete a CIFS share.
  • Extend the size of a share.
  • Modify the host access privilege of a NFS share.
  • Modify the user access privilege of a CIFS share.
  • Take/Delete snapshot of a share.
  • Create a new share from snapshot.

Supported Network Topologies

  • flat
  • VLAN


On Manila Node

StorOps library is required to run Unity driver. Please install it with the pip command. You may need root privilege to install python libraries.

pip install storops

On Unity System

  1. Configure System level NTP Server

Configure the NTP server for your Unity at:

Unisphere -> Settings -> Management -> System Time and NTP

Select "Enable NTP synchronization" and add your NTP server(s).

  1. Configure System level DNS Server

Configure the DNS server for your Unity at:

Unisphere -> Settings -> Management -> DNS Server

Select "Configure DNS server address manually" and add your DNS server(s).


Following configurations need to be configured in /etc/manila/manila.conf for the Unity driver.

  • emc_share_backend is the plugin name. Set it to unity for the Unity driver.
  • emc_nas_server is the management IP for Unity.
  • emc_nas_server_container is the SP that will be used as share server.
  • emc_nas_pool_names is the name of the pools to be used by this backend. If no name is specified, all storage pools on the system will be managed. Wild card character is supported. Examples: pool_1, pool,
  • emc_interface_ports is the white list of the ports to be used for connection. Wild card character is supported. Examples: spa_eth1, spa,

Restart of manila-share service is needed for the configuration changes to take effect.

IPv6 support

IPv6 support for Unity driver is introduced in Queens release. The feature is divided into two parts:

  1. The driver is able to manage share or snapshot in the Neutron IPv6 network.
  2. The driver is able to connect Unity management interface using its IPv6 address.

Pre-Configurations for IPv6 support

The following parameters need to be configured in /etc/manila/manila.conf for the Unity driver:

network_plugin_ipv6_enabled = True

  • network_plugin_ipv6_enabled indicates IPv6 is enabled.

If you want to connect Unity using IPv6 address, you should configure IPv6 address by /net/if/mgmt uemcli command, mgmtInterfaceSettings RESTful api or the system settings of Unity GUI for Unity and specify the address in `/etc/manila/manila.conf`:

emc_nas_server = <IPv6 address>

Snapshot support

In the Mitaka and Newton release of OpenStack, Snapshot support is enabled by default for a newly created share type. Starting with the Ocata release, the snapshot_support extra spec must be set to True in order to allow snapshots for a share type. If the 'snapshot_support' extra_spec is omitted or if it is set to False, users would not be able to create snapshots on shares of this share type. The feature is divided into two parts:

  1. The driver is able to create/delete snapshot of share.
  2. The driver is able to create share from snapshot.

Pre-Configurations for Snapshot support

The following extra specifications need to be configured with share type.

  • snapshot_support = True
  • create_share_from_snapshot_support = True

For new share type, these extra specifications can be set directly when creating share type:

manila type-create --snapshot_support True --create_share_from_snapshot_support True ${share_type_name} True

Or you can update already existing share type with command:

manila type-key ${share_type_name} set snapshot_support=True
manila type-key ${share_type_name} set create_share_from_snapshot_support=True

To snapshot a share and create share from the snapshot

Firstly, you need create a share from share type that has extra specifications(snapshot_support=True, create_share_from_snapshot_support=True). Then snapshot the share with command:

manila snapshot-create ${source_share_name} --name ${target_snapshot_name} --description " "

After creating the snapshot from previous step, you can create share from that snapshot. Use command:

manila create nfs 1 --name ${target_share_name} --metadata source=snapshot --description " " --snapshot-id ${source_snapshot_id}


The Unity driver has following restrictions.

  • EMC Unity does not support the same IP in different VLANs.
  • Only IP access type is supported for NFS.
  • Only user access type is supported for CIFS.

API Implementations

Following driver features are implemented in the plugin.

  • create_share: Create a share and export it based on the protocol used (NFS or CIFS).
  • create_share_from_snapshot: Create a share from a snapshot - clone a snapshot.
  • delete_share: Delete a share.
  • extend_share: Extend the maximum size of a share.
  • create_snapshot: Create a snapshot for the specified share.
  • delete_snapshot: Delete the snapshot of the share.
  • update_access: recover, add or delete user/host access to a share.
  • allow_access: Allow access (read write/read only) of a user to a CIFS share. Allow access (read write/read only) of a host to a NFS share.
  • deny_access: Remove access (read write/read only) of a user from a CIFS share. Remove access (read write/read only) of a host from a NFS share.
  • ensure_share: Check whether share exists or not.
  • update_share_stats: Retrieve share related statistics from Unity.
  • get_network_allocations_number: Returns number of network allocations for creating VIFs.
  • setup_server: Set up and configures share server with given network parameters.
  • teardown_server: Tear down the share server.

The manila.share.drivers.dell_emc.driver Module


The manila.share.drivers.dell_emc.plugins.unity.connection Module