Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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#!/bin/bash -xe
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
# This script is executed inside pre_test_hook function in devstack gate.
# First argument ($1) expects boolean as value where:
# 'False' means share driver will not handle share servers
# 'True' means it will handle share servers.
# Import devstack function 'trueorfalse'
source $BASE/new/devstack/functions
echo "API_RATE_LIMIT=False" >> $localrc_path
echo "TEMPEST_SERVICES+=,manila" >> $localrc_path
echo "VOLUME_BACKING_FILE_SIZE=22G" >> $localrc_path
echo "CINDER_LVM_TYPE=thin" >> $localrc_path
# NOTE(mkoderer): switch to keystone v3 by default
echo "IDENTITY_API_VERSION=3" >> $localrc_path
# NOTE(vponomaryov): Set oversubscription ratio for Cinder LVM driver
# bigger than 1.0, because in CI we do not need such small value.
# It will allow us to avoid exceeding real capacity in CI test runs.
echo "CINDER_OVERSUBSCRIPTION_RATIO=100.0" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_BACKEND1_CONFIG_GROUP_NAME=london" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_BACKEND2_CONFIG_GROUP_NAME=paris" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_SHARE_BACKEND1_NAME=LONDON" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_SHARE_BACKEND2_NAME=PARIS" >> $localrc_path
# === Handle script arguments ===
# First argument is expected to be a boolean-like value for DHSS.
DHSS=$(trueorfalse True DHSS)
# Second argument is expected to have codename of a share driver.
# Third argument is expected to contain value equal either to 'singlebackend'
# or 'multibackend' that defines how many back-ends should be configured.
echo "MANILA_OPTGROUP_london_driver_handles_share_servers=$DHSS" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_OPTGROUP_paris_driver_handles_share_servers=$DHSS" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_USE_DOWNGRADE_MIGRATIONS=True" >> $localrc_path
if [[ "$BACK_END_TYPE" == "multibackend" ]]; then
echo "MANILA_MULTI_BACKEND=True" >> $localrc_path
echo "MANILA_MULTI_BACKEND=False" >> $localrc_path
if [[ "$DRIVER" == "generic" ]]; then
echo "SHARE_DRIVER=manila.share.drivers.generic.GenericShareDriver" >> $localrc_path
echo -e "[[post-config|${NOVA_CONF:-/etc/nova/nova.conf}]]\n[DEFAULT]\nquota_instances=30\n" >> $local_conf_path
echo -e "[[post-config|${NEUTRON_CONF:-/etc/neutron/neutron.conf}]]\n[DEFAULT]\nmax_fixed_ips_per_port=100\n" >> $local_conf_path
echo -e "[[post-config|${NEUTRON_CONF:-/etc/neutron/neutron.conf}]]\n[QUOTAS]\nquota_subnet=-1\n" >> $local_conf_path
elif [[ "$DRIVER" == "windows" ]]; then
echo "" >> $localrc_path
elif [[ "$DRIVER" == "lvm" ]]; then
echo "SHARE_DRIVER=manila.share.drivers.lvm.LVMShareDriver" >> $localrc_path
echo "SHARE_BACKING_FILE_SIZE=32000M" >> $localrc_path
elif [[ "$DRIVER" == "zfsonlinux" ]]; then
echo "SHARE_DRIVER=manila.share.drivers.zfsonlinux.driver.ZFSonLinuxShareDriver" >> $localrc_path
echo "RUN_MANILA_REPLICATION_TESTS=True" >> $localrc_path
# Set the replica_state_update_interval to 60 seconds to make
# replication tests run faster. The default is 300, which is greater than
# the build timeout for ZFS on the gate.
echo "MANILA_ZFSONLINUX_USE_SSH=True" >> $localrc_path
# Enabling isolated metadata in Neutron is required because
# Tempest creates isolated networks and created vm's in scenario tests don't
# have access to Nova Metadata service. This leads to unavailability of
# created vm's in scenario tests.
echo 'ENABLE_ISOLATED_METADATA=True' >> $localrc_path
# Workaround for broken CI, see bug #1589964.
cd $BASE/new/neutron-fwaas
git revert --no-edit a59df892d3f90f97c967a46b6c18e595d60a9b85
echo "TEMPEST_USE_TEST_ACCOUNTS=True" >> $localrc_path
echo "TEMPEST_ALLOW_TENANT_ISOLATION=False" >> $localrc_path
echo "TEMPEST_CONCURRENCY=8" >> $localrc_path
# Go to Tempest dir and checkout stable commit to avoid possible
# incompatibilities for plugin stored in Manila repo.
cd $BASE/new/tempest
source $BASE/new/manila/contrib/ci/
# Print current Tempest status
git status