Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Developer Guide

In this section you will find information on manila's lower level programming APIs.

Programming HowTos and Tutorials

development.environment unit_tests addmethod.openstackapi

Background Concepts for manila

architecture threading i18n rpc driver_requirements pool-aware-manila-scheduler

Other Resources

launchpad gerrit jenkins

API Reference

api api_microversion_dev api_microversion_history experimental_apis

Module Reference

intro services database share share_hooks auth api scheduler fakes manila ganesha

Capabilities and Extra-Specs

capabilities_and_extra_specs export_location_metadata

Share backends feature support mapping


Share backends

zfs_on_linux_driver netapp_cluster_mode_driver emc_isilon_driver emc_vnx_driver generic_driver glusterfs_driver glusterfs_native_driver cephfs_native_driver gpfs_driver huawei_nas_driver hdfs_native_driver hds_hnas_driver hpe_3par_driver

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