Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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REST API Version History

This documents the changes made to the REST API with every microversion change. The description for each version should be a verbose one which has enough information to be suitable for use in user documentation.


The 1.0 Manila API includes all v1 core APIs existing prior to the introduction of microversions. The /v1 URL is used to call 1.0 APIs, and microversions headers sent to this endpoint are ignored.


This is the initial version of the Manila API which supports microversions. The /v2 URL is used to call 2.x APIs.

A user can specify a header in the API request:

X-OpenStack-Manila-API-Version: <version>

where <version> is any valid api version for this API.

If no version is specified then the API will behave as if version 2.0 was requested.

The only API change in version 2.0 is versions, i.e. GET http://localhost:8786/, which now returns information about both 1.0 and 2.x versions and their respective /v1 and /v2 endpoints.

All other 2.0 APIs are functionally identical to version 1.0.


Share create() method doesn't ignore availability_zone field of provided share.


Snapshots become optional and share payload now has boolean attr 'snapshot_support'.


Share instances admin API and update of Admin Actions extension.


Consistency groups support. /consistency-groups and /cgsnapshots are implemented. AdminActions 'os-force_delete and' 'os-reset_status' have been updated for both new resources.


Share Migration admin API.


Return share_type UUID instead of name in Share API and add share_type_name field.


Rename old extension-like API URLs to core-API-like.


Allow to set share visibility explicitly using "manage" API.


Add export locations API. Remove export locations from "shares" and "share instances" APIs.


Field 'access_rules_status' was added to shares and share instances.


Share Replication support added. All Share replication APIs are tagged 'Experimental'. Share APIs return two new attributes: 'has_replicas' and 'replication_type'. Share instance APIs return a new attribute, 'replica_state'.


Share snapshot manage and unmanage API.


Add 'cephx' authentication type for the CephFS Native driver.