Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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minversion = 2.0
skipsdist = True
envlist = py3,pep8
basepython = python3
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
usedevelop = True
whitelist_externals = find
deps =
commands =
find . -type f -name "*.py[c|o]" -delete
stestr run {posargs}
stestr slowest
deps =
commands =
rm -rf releasenotes/build
sphinx-build -a -E -W -d releasenotes/build/doctrees \
-b html releasenotes/source releasenotes/build/html
whitelist_externals = rm
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
# Let's gate pep8 under py3 by default because the py3 checks are stricter.
commands =
flake8 {posargs}
# Run bashate during pep8 runs to ensure violations are caught by
# the check and gate queues.
bashate -i E006,E042,E043 \
tools/ \
contrib/ci/ \
contrib/ci/ \
devstack/ \
devstack/upgrade/from-mitaka/upgrade-manila \
devstack/upgrade/ \
devstack/upgrade/ \
devstack/upgrade/ \
tools/ \
tools/ \
{toxinidir}/tools/ {toxinidir}/manila
{toxinidir}/tools/ {toxinidir}/manila
whitelist_externals = bash
commands =
oslo-config-generator --config-file etc/oslo-config-generator/manila.conf
commands = oslopolicy-sample-generator --config-file=etc/manila/manila-policy-generator.conf
commands = {posargs}
deps =
commands =
rm -rf doc/build
sphinx-build -W -b html doc/source doc/build/html
# Ignore D001 since we allow lines in excess of 79 characters.
doc8 --ignore D001 --ignore-path .tox --ignore-path doc/build --ignore-path manila.egg-info -e .txt -e .rst -e .inc
whitelist_externals = rm
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
whitelist_externals =
commands =
sphinx-build -W -b latex doc/source doc/build/pdf
make -C doc/build/pdf
# Do not install any requirements. We want this to be fast and work even if
# system dependencies are missing, since it's used to tell you what system
# dependencies are missing! This also means that bindep must be installed
# separately, outside of the requirements files, and develop mode disabled
# explicitly to avoid unnecessarily installing the checked-out repo too (this
# further relies on "tox.skipsdist = True" above).
deps = bindep
commands = bindep test
usedevelop = False
setenv =
PYTHON=coverage run --source manila --parallel-mode
commands =
{toxinidir}/tools/ {posargs}
# Let's run fast8 under py3 by default because the py3 checks are stricter.
commands =
deps = -r{toxinidir}/requirements.txt
whitelist_externals = bash
commands = bash ./tools/ --pylint {posargs}
# This environment is called from CI scripts to test and publish
# the API Ref to
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
whitelist_externals = rm
commands =
rm -rf api-ref/build
python {toxinidir}/tools/ {toxinidir}/api-ref/source/samples/
sphinx-build -W -b html -d api-ref/build/doctrees api-ref/source api-ref/build/html
deps = -r{toxinidir}/requirements.txt
commands = alembic -c manila/db/migrations/alembic.ini revision -m ""{posargs}
# Following checks are ignored on purpose:
# Following checks should be evaluated and fixed:
# E123 closing bracket does not match indentation of opening bracket's line
# E402 module level import not at top of file
# W503 line break before binary operator
# W504 line break after binary operator
ignore = E123,E402,W503,W504
builtins = _
# [H106] Don't put vim configuration in source files.
# [H203] Use assertIs(Not)None to check for None.
# [H904] Use ',' instead of '%', String interpolation should be delayed to be handled by the logging code,
# rather than being done at the point of the logging call..
enable-extensions = H106,H203,H904
exclude = .git,.tox,.testrepository,.venv,build,cover,dist,doc,*egg,api-ref/build,*/source/
import_exceptions =
extension =
M310 = checks:CheckLoggingFormatArgs
M313 = checks:validate_assertTrue
M323 = checks:check_explicit_underscore_import
M325 = checks:CheckForStrUnicodeExc
M326 = checks:CheckForTransAdd
M333 = checks:check_oslo_namespace_imports
M336 = checks:dict_constructor_with_list_copy
M337 = checks:no_xrange
M338 = checks:no_log_warn_check
M339 = checks:no_third_party_mock
M354 = checks:check_uuid4
M359 = checks:no_translate_logs
paths = ./manila/hacking
deps =