Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Manila base exception handling.
Includes decorator for re-raising Manila-type exceptions.
SHOULD include dedicated exception logging.
import re
from oslo_concurrency import processutils
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log
import six
import webob.exc
from manila.i18n import _
LOG = log.getLogger(__name__)
exc_log_opts = [
help='Whether to make exception message format errors fatal.'),
ProcessExecutionError = processutils.ProcessExecutionError
class ConvertedException(webob.exc.WSGIHTTPException):
def __init__(self, code=400, title="", explanation=""):
self.code = code
self.title = title
self.explanation = explanation
super(ConvertedException, self).__init__()
class Error(Exception):
class ManilaException(Exception):
"""Base Manila Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a 'message' property. That message will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
message = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
code = 500
headers = {}
safe = False
def __init__(self, message=None, detail_data={}, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.detail_data = detail_data
if 'code' not in self.kwargs:
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
except AttributeError:
for k, v in self.kwargs.items():
if isinstance(v, Exception):
self.kwargs[k] = six.text_type(v)
if not message:
message = self.message % kwargs
except Exception:
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception('Exception in string format operation.')
for name, value in kwargs.items():
LOG.error("%(name)s: %(value)s", {
'name': name, 'value': value})
if CONF.fatal_exception_format_errors:
# at least get the core message out if something happened
message = self.message
elif isinstance(message, Exception):
message = six.text_type(message)
if re.match(r'.*[^\.]\.\.$', message):
message = message[:-1]
self.msg = message
super(ManilaException, self).__init__(message)
class NetworkException(ManilaException):
message = _("Exception due to network failure.")
class NetworkBindException(ManilaException):
message = _("Exception due to failed port status in binding.")
class NetworkBadConfigurationException(NetworkException):
message = _("Bad network configuration: %(reason)s.")
class BadConfigurationException(ManilaException):
message = _("Bad configuration: %(reason)s.")
class NotAuthorized(ManilaException):
message = _("Not authorized.")
code = 403
class AdminRequired(NotAuthorized):
message = _("User does not have admin privileges.")
class PolicyNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Policy doesn't allow %(action)s to be performed.")
class Conflict(ManilaException):
message = _("%(err)s")
code = 409
class Invalid(ManilaException):
message = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = 400
class InvalidRequest(Invalid):
message = _("The request is invalid.")
class InvalidResults(Invalid):
message = _("The results are invalid.")
class InvalidInput(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid input received: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidContentType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid content type %(content_type)s.")
class InvalidHost(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid host: %(reason)s")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a uuid but received %(uuid)s.")
class InvalidDriverMode(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid driver mode: %(driver_mode)s.")
class InvalidAPIVersionString(Invalid):
message = _("API Version String %(version)s is of invalid format. Must "
"be of format MajorNum.MinorNum.")
class VersionNotFoundForAPIMethod(Invalid):
message = _("API version %(version)s is not supported on this method.")
class InvalidGlobalAPIVersion(Invalid):
message = _("Version %(req_ver)s is not supported by the API. Minimum "
"is %(min_ver)s and maximum is %(max_ver)s.")
class InvalidCapacity(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid capacity: %(name)s = %(value)s.")
class NotFound(ManilaException):
message = _("Resource could not be found.")
code = 404
safe = True
class MessageNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Message %(message_id)s could not be found.")
class Found(ManilaException):
message = _("Resource was found.")
code = 302
safe = True
class InUse(ManilaException):
message = _("Resource is in use.")
class AvailabilityZoneNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Availability zone %(id)s could not be found.")
class ShareNetworkNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share network %(share_network_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareNetworkSubnetNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share network subnet %(share_network_subnet_id)s could not be"
" found.")
class ShareServerNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share server %(share_server_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareServerNotFoundByFilters(ShareServerNotFound):
message = _("Share server could not be found by "
"filters: %(filters_description)s.")
class ShareServerInUse(InUse):
message = _("Share server %(share_server_id)s is in use.")
class InvalidShareServer(Invalid):
message = _("Share server %(share_server_id)s is not valid.")
class ShareMigrationError(ManilaException):
message = _("Error in share migration: %(reason)s")
class ShareMigrationFailed(ManilaException):
message = _("Share migration failed: %(reason)s")
class ShareDataCopyFailed(ManilaException):
message = _("Share Data copy failed: %(reason)s")
class ShareDataCopyCancelled(ManilaException):
message = _("Copy of contents from share instance %(src_instance)s "
"to share instance %(dest_instance)s was cancelled.")
class ServiceIPNotFound(ManilaException):
message = _("Service IP for instance not found: %(reason)s")
class AdminIPNotFound(ManilaException):
message = _("Admin port IP for service instance not found: %(reason)s")
class ShareServerNotCreated(ManilaException):
message = _("Share server %(share_server_id)s failed on creation.")
class ShareServerNotReady(ManilaException):
message = _("Share server %(share_server_id)s failed to reach '%(state)s' "
"within %(time)s seconds.")
class ServiceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Service %(service_id)s could not be found.")
class ServiceIsDown(Invalid):
message = _("Service %(service)s is down.")
class HostNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Host %(host)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerHostFilterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler host filter %(filter_name)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerHostWeigherNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler host weigher %(weigher_name)s could not be found.")
class HostBinaryNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find binary %(binary)s on host %(host)s.")
class InvalidReservationExpiration(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid reservation expiration %(expire)s.")
class InvalidQuotaValue(Invalid):
message = _("Change would make usage less than 0 for the following "
"resources: %(unders)s.")
class QuotaNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Quota could not be found.")
class QuotaExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Quota exists for project %(project_id)s, "
"resource %(resource)s.")
class QuotaResourceUnknown(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Unknown quota resources %(unknown)s.")
class ProjectUserQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota for user %(user_id)s in project %(project_id)s "
"could not be found.")
class ProjectShareTypeQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota for share_type %(share_type)s in "
"project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class ProjectQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class QuotaClassNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota class %(class_name)s could not be found.")
class QuotaUsageNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota usage for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class ReservationNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota reservation %(uuid)s could not be found.")
class OverQuota(ManilaException):
message = _("Quota exceeded for resources: %(overs)s.")
class MigrationNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Migration %(migration_id)s could not be found.")
class MigrationNotFoundByStatus(MigrationNotFound):
message = _("Migration not found for instance %(instance_id)s "
"with status %(status)s.")
class FileNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("File %(file_path)s could not be found.")
class MigrationError(ManilaException):
message = _("Migration error: %(reason)s.")
class MalformedRequestBody(ManilaException):
message = _("Malformed message body: %(reason)s.")
class ConfigNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find config at %(path)s.")
class PasteAppNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not load paste app '%(name)s' from %(path)s.")
class NoValidHost(ManilaException):
message = _("No valid host was found. %(reason)s.")
class WillNotSchedule(ManilaException):
message = _("Host %(host)s is not up or doesn't exist.")
class QuotaError(ManilaException):
message = _("Quota exceeded: code=%(code)s.")
code = 413
headers = {'Retry-After': '0'}
safe = True
class ShareSizeExceedsAvailableQuota(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Requested share exceeds allowed project/user or share type "
"gigabytes quota.")
class SnapshotSizeExceedsAvailableQuota(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Requested snapshot exceeds allowed project/user or share type "
"gigabytes quota.")
class ShareLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Maximum number of shares allowed (%(allowed)d) either per "
"project/user or share type quota is exceeded.")
class SnapshotLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Maximum number of snapshots allowed (%(allowed)d) either per "
"project/user or share type quota is exceeded.")
class ShareNetworksLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of share-networks "
"allowed (%(allowed)d) exceeded.")
class ShareGroupsLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Maximum number of allowed share-groups is exceeded.")
class ShareGroupSnapshotsLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Maximum number of allowed share-group-snapshots is exceeded.")
class ShareReplicasLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Maximum number of allowed share-replicas is exceeded.")
class ShareReplicaSizeExceedsAvailableQuota(QuotaError):
message = _(
"Requested share replica exceeds allowed project/user or share type "
"gigabytes quota.")
class GlusterfsException(ManilaException):
message = _("Unknown Gluster exception.")
class InvalidShare(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share: %(reason)s.")
class ShareBusyException(Invalid):
message = _("Share is busy with an active task: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidShareInstance(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share instance: %(reason)s.")
class ManageInvalidShare(InvalidShare):
message = _("Manage existing share failed due to "
"invalid share: %(reason)s")
class ManageShareServerError(ManilaException):
message = _("Manage existing share server failed due to: %(reason)s")
class UnmanageInvalidShare(InvalidShare):
message = _("Unmanage existing share failed due to "
"invalid share: %(reason)s")
class PortLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of ports exceeded.")
class ShareAccessExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Share access %(access_type)s:%(access)s exists.")
class ShareAccessMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share access rule metadata does not exist.")
class ShareSnapshotAccessExists(InvalidInput):
message = _("Share snapshot access %(access_type)s:%(access)s exists.")
class InvalidSnapshotAccess(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid access rule: %(reason)s")
class InvalidShareAccess(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid access rule: %(reason)s")
class InvalidShareAccessLevel(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid or unsupported share access level: %(level)s.")
class InvalidShareAccessType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid or unsupported share access type: %(type)s.")
class ShareBackendException(ManilaException):
message = _("Share backend error: %(msg)s.")
class ExportLocationNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Export location %(uuid)s could not be found.")
class ShareNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share %(share_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareSnapshotInstanceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot instance %(instance_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareSnapshotNotSupported(ManilaException):
message = _("Share %(share_name)s does not support snapshots.")
class ShareGroupSnapshotNotSupported(ManilaException):
message = _("Share group %(share_group)s does not support snapshots.")
class ShareSnapshotIsBusy(ManilaException):
message = _("Deleting snapshot %(snapshot_name)s that has "
"dependent shares.")
class InvalidShareSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share snapshot: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidShareSnapshotInstance(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share snapshot instance: %(reason)s.")
class ManageInvalidShareSnapshot(InvalidShareSnapshot):
message = _("Manage existing share snapshot failed due to "
"invalid share snapshot: %(reason)s.")
class UnmanageInvalidShareSnapshot(InvalidShareSnapshot):
message = _("Unmanage existing share snapshot failed due to "
"invalid share snapshot: %(reason)s.")
class ShareMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Metadata item is not found.")
class InvalidMetadata(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid metadata.")
class InvalidMetadataSize(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid metadata size.")
class SecurityServiceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Security service %(security_service_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareNetworkSecurityServiceAssociationError(ManilaException):
message = _("Failed to associate share network %(share_network_id)s"
" and security service %(security_service_id)s: %(reason)s.")
class ShareNetworkSecurityServiceDissociationError(ManilaException):
message = _("Failed to dissociate share network %(share_network_id)s"
" and security service %(security_service_id)s: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidVolume(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid volume.")
class InvalidShareType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share type: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidShareGroupType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share group type: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidExtraSpec(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid extra_spec: %(reason)s.")
class VolumeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share type %(share_type_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareGroupTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share group type %(type_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareTypeAccessNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share type access not found for %(share_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination.")
class ShareGroupTypeAccessNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share group type access not found for %(type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination.")
class ShareTypeNotFoundByName(ShareTypeNotFound):
message = _("Share type with name %(share_type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class ShareGroupTypeNotFoundByName(ShareTypeNotFound):
message = _("Share group type with name %(type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class ShareTypeExtraSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share Type %(share_type_id)s has no extra specs with "
"key %(extra_specs_key)s.")
class ShareGroupTypeSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share group type %(type_id)s has no group specs with "
"key %(specs_key)s.")
class ShareTypeInUse(ManilaException):
message = _("Share Type %(share_type_id)s deletion is not allowed while "
"shares or share group types are associated with the type.")
class IPAddressInUse(InUse):
message = _("IP address %(ip)s is already used.")
class ShareGroupTypeInUse(ManilaException):
message = _("Share group Type %(type_id)s deletion is not allowed "
"with groups present with the type.")
class ShareTypeExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Share Type %(id)s already exists.")
class ShareTypeDoesNotExist(NotFound):
message = _("Share Type %(share_type)s does not exist.")
class DefaultShareTypeNotConfigured(NotFound):
message = _("No default share type is configured. Either configure a "
"default share type or explicitly specify a share type.")
class ShareGroupTypeExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Share group type %(type_id)s already exists.")
class ShareTypeAccessExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Share type access for %(share_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination already exists.")
class ShareGroupTypeAccessExists(ManilaException):
message = _("Share group type access for %(type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination already exists.")
class ShareTypeCreateFailed(ManilaException):
message = _("Cannot create share_type with "
"name %(name)s and specs %(extra_specs)s.")
class ShareTypeUpdateFailed(ManilaException):
message = _("Cannot update share_type %(id)s.")
class ShareGroupTypeCreateFailed(ManilaException):
message = _("Cannot create share group type with "
"name %(name)s and specs %(group_specs)s.")
class ManageExistingShareTypeMismatch(ManilaException):
message = _("Manage existing share failed due to share type mismatch: "
class ShareExtendingError(ManilaException):
message = _("Share %(share_id)s could not be extended due to error "
"in the driver: %(reason)s")
class ShareShrinkingError(ManilaException):
message = _("Share %(share_id)s could not be shrunk due to error "
"in the driver: %(reason)s")
class ShareShrinkingPossibleDataLoss(ManilaException):
message = _("Share %(share_id)s could not be shrunk due to "
"possible data loss")
class InstanceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s could not be found.")
class BridgeDoesNotExist(ManilaException):
message = _("Bridge %(bridge)s does not exist.")
class ServiceInstanceException(ManilaException):
message = _("Exception in service instance manager occurred.")
class ServiceInstanceUnavailable(ServiceInstanceException):
message = _("Service instance is not available.")
class StorageResourceException(ManilaException):
message = _("Storage resource exception.")
class StorageResourceNotFound(StorageResourceException):
message = _("Storage resource %(name)s not found.")
code = 404
class SnapshotResourceNotFound(StorageResourceNotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(name)s not found.")
class SnapshotUnavailable(StorageResourceException):
message = _("Snapshot %(name)s info not available.")
class NetAppException(ManilaException):
message = _("Exception due to NetApp failure.")
class VserverNotFound(NetAppException):
message = _("Vserver %(vserver)s not found.")
class VserverNotSpecified(NetAppException):
message = _("Vserver not specified.")
class EMCPowerMaxXMLAPIError(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class EMCPowerMaxLockRequiredException(ManilaException):
message = _("Unable to acquire lock(s).")
class EMCPowerMaxInvalidMoverID(ManilaException):
message = _("Invalid mover or vdm %(id)s.")
class EMCVnxXMLAPIError(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class EMCVnxLockRequiredException(ManilaException):
message = _("Unable to acquire lock(s).")
class EMCVnxInvalidMoverID(ManilaException):
message = _("Invalid mover or vdm %(id)s.")
class EMCUnityError(ShareBackendException):
message = _("%(err)s")
class HPE3ParInvalidClient(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class HPE3ParInvalid(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class HPE3ParUnexpectedError(ManilaException):
message = _("%(err)s")
class GPFSException(ManilaException):
message = _("GPFS exception occurred.")
class GPFSGaneshaException(ManilaException):
message = _("GPFS Ganesha exception occurred.")
class GaneshaCommandFailure(ProcessExecutionError):
_description = _("Ganesha management command failed.")
def __init__(self, **kw):
if 'description' not in kw:
kw['description'] = self._description
super(GaneshaCommandFailure, self).__init__(**kw)
class InvalidSqliteDB(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid Sqlite database.")
class SSHException(ManilaException):
message = _("Exception in SSH protocol negotiation or logic.")
class HDFSException(ManilaException):
message = _("HDFS exception occurred!")
class MapRFSException(ManilaException):
message = _("MapRFS exception occurred: %(msg)s")
class ZFSonLinuxException(ManilaException):
message = _("ZFSonLinux exception occurred: %(msg)s")
class QBException(ManilaException):
message = _("Quobyte exception occurred: %(msg)s")
class QBRpcException(ManilaException):
"""Quobyte backend specific exception."""
message = _("Quobyte JsonRpc call to backend raised "
"an exception: %(result)s, Quobyte error"
" code %(qbcode)s")
class SSHInjectionThreat(ManilaException):
message = _("SSH command injection detected: %(command)s")
class HNASBackendException(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS Backend Exception: %(msg)s")
class HNASConnException(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS Connection Exception: %(msg)s")
class HNASSSCIsBusy(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS SSC is busy and cannot execute the command: %(msg)s")
class HNASSSCContextChange(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS SSC Context has been changed unexpectedly: %(msg)s")
class HNASDirectoryNotEmpty(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS Directory is not empty: %(msg)s")
class HNASItemNotFoundException(StorageResourceNotFound):
message = _("HNAS Item Not Found Exception: %(msg)s")
class HNASNothingToCloneException(ManilaException):
message = _("HNAS Nothing To Clone Exception: %(msg)s")
# ShareGroup
class ShareGroupNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share group %(share_group_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareGroupSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _(
"Share group snapshot %(share_group_snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class ShareGroupSnapshotMemberNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share group snapshot member %(member_id)s could not be "
class InvalidShareGroup(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share group: %(reason)s")
class InvalidShareGroupSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid share group snapshot: %(reason)s")
class DriverNotInitialized(ManilaException):
message = _("Share driver '%(driver)s' not initialized.")
class ShareResourceNotFound(StorageResourceNotFound):
message = _("Share id %(share_id)s could not be found "
"in storage backend.")
class ShareUmountException(ManilaException):
message = _("Failed to unmount share: %(reason)s")
class ShareMountException(ManilaException):
message = _("Failed to mount share: %(reason)s")
class ShareCopyDataException(ManilaException):
message = _("Failed to copy data: %(reason)s")
# Replication
class ReplicationException(ManilaException):
message = _("Unable to perform a replication action: %(reason)s.")
class ShareReplicaNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Share Replica %(replica_id)s could not be found.")
# Tegile Storage drivers
class TegileAPIException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("Unexpected response from Tegile IntelliFlash API: "
class StorageCommunicationException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("Could not communicate with storage array.")
class EvaluatorParseException(ManilaException):
message = _("Error during evaluator parsing: %(reason)s")
# Hitachi Scaleout Platform driver
class HSPBackendException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("HSP Backend Exception: %(msg)s")
class HSPTimeoutException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("HSP Timeout Exception: %(msg)s")
class HSPItemNotFoundException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("HSP Item Not Found Exception: %(msg)s")
class NexentaException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("Exception due to Nexenta failure. %(reason)s")
# Tooz locking
class LockCreationFailed(ManilaException):
message = _('Unable to create lock. Coordination backend not started.')
class LockingFailed(ManilaException):
message = _('Lock acquisition failed.')
# Ganesha library
class GaneshaException(ManilaException):
message = _("Unknown NFS-Ganesha library exception.")
# Infortrend Storage driver
class InfortrendCLIException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("Infortrend CLI exception: %(err)s "
"Return Code: %(rc)s, Output: %(out)s")
class InfortrendNASException(ShareBackendException):
message = _("Infortrend NAS exception: %(err)s")