Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Zuul db1dcdd325 Merge "[Native CephFS] Add messages for async ACL ops" into stable/ussuri 4 months ago
drivers [Native CephFS] Add messages for async ACL ops 4 months ago
hooks EMC VNX Manila Driver Feature Support 6 years ago Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.* 7 years ago Fix cannot deny ipv6 access rules 4 years ago Move shares filtering to database layer 8 months ago Trivial: Remove unused logging import 6 years ago Fix fallback share group snapshot implementation 1 year ago Check 'thin_provisioning' in extra specs 5 years ago Remove log translations in share and share_group 4/5 5 years ago Fix manila OverQuota issue while managing shares 12 months ago Remove the unused variable 4 years ago Add manage/unmanage of shares in DHSS=True 3 years ago Add update share-type API to Share Types 2 years ago Fix multiple issues with revert to snapshot in LVM 4 years ago Change ensure share to make startup faster 4 years ago