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Auto compute node registration

Change-Id: I1f951ef4bcc2a1e70c23dc92b891f7caf63cc0f1
Implements: bp auto-compute-node-registration
Kengo Takahara 4 years ago
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Auto compute node registration
:problem: If an user runs hostmonitor/instancemonitor/processmonitor without
registering the hosts in a segment and they detect a failure,
masakari doesn't perform the recovery process since source host is
unknown. Therefore, it will be more convenient if these monitors can
register a host automatically on startup.
:solution: Hostmonitor/Instancemonitor/Processmonitor will register a host in
a particular segment if not already done on startup of these
services. The name of the host will be pickup automatically where
these monitors are running and it will call masakari create host
API to add a host in a particular segment. The segment to which the
host will be registered will be configurable. Also, a new config
option will be introduced to decide whether to register a host
automatically or an operator will configure it manually outside the
scope of monitors.
:impacts: None
:timeline: Expected to be merged within the Queens time frame.
:assignee: Kengo Takahara
Auto compute node registration