mistral-dashboard: refer dashboard debug instructions to the updated mistral trbouelshooting page

* removed debug instructions as they're already covered under the main mistral repo
* added a refernce to the debug instructions url

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@ -52,17 +52,8 @@ or run the development server (in case you have decided to use local horizon)::
$ cd ../horizon/
$ tox -evenv -- python manage.py runserver
Debug Instructions
Mistral-Dashboard Debug Instructions
Set PyCharm debug settings:
1. Enter debug configurations menu
2. Create a new Django Server configuration
3. Enter some port so it won't run on the default (for example - port: 4000)
4. On the same window click on Environment variables
a. Make sure you have PYTHONUNBUFFERED set as 1
b. Create a new pair - DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE : openstack_dashboard.settings
You should now be able to debug and run the project using PyCharm.
For debug instructions refer to `OpenStack Mistral Troubleshooting