154 Commits (master)

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  pengyuesheng f732ea90c9 Fix the bug of the py27 test 1 week ago
  privaterookie 9f35dca96f fix mistral dashbaord workflow execution form bug 8 months ago
  Chuck Short 04c32537f7 Drop mox, no longer needed 9 months ago
  Akihiro Motoki 3ae1e8aae3 Django 2.0 support 11 months ago
  Hanxi Liu 96186a1ba9 Fix workflow language link 1 year ago
  Charles Short 5f1b862cb7 Remove mox3 from test-requiremens.txt 1 year ago
  Mateusz Kowalski 4cc6d18a22 Fix CSS for "Cancel" button in workflow execution 1 year ago
  Mateusz Kowalski b42b2c4f25 Expand parameter list for workflow execution 1 year ago
  Sharat Sharma e891c2a4bf Update the URLs 1 year ago
  Adriano Petrich 2c9b94a1c8 Remove newlines from test data 1 year ago
  Sharat Sharma b31320c041 Make the definition section of the wb/wf create section editable 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 6534bf866f Added link to Create Action form Edit 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 9f12b2d99c Fix "Workflow" section of "Action Execution Details" view 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 16985029f6 Change the Next button to Validate 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma c88f0c63d2 Added test for mistral-dashboard cron_triggers 2 years ago
  sanu madhavan 962603c0e2 Add test for mistral-dashboard action_executions 2 years ago
  Rajiv Kumar ac86dfc55c Removed unnecessary utf-8 encoding 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit 696c330f28 Task table - type column would refer to workflow executions accordingly 2 years ago
  Jeffrey Zhang b1c1627940 Move _50_mistral.py file into enabled folder 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit 907cb4de54 Fixed: Dashboard: "Run action" functionality doesn't work 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit a0262daa05 Workflow list - added missing fields 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 0bcc4a975d Added links to DSL docs in create/update views 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 4830558f4c Changed "Task Details" to "Task Execution Details" 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit 91fac9f1b1 mistral-dashboard:fixed boolean field design bug 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit 2a54532154 mistral-dashboard: added action executions screens 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma e66e1f61bd Fixed action screen "run" button CSS issue 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit 1b73cff4dd mistral-dashboard: entities name change for system consistency 2 years ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong 3050adf16c Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 96bee8d9cc Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  hardik cd39df2d48 Removed 'pull_right' option 2 years ago
  hardik c38219f30d Fixed unit tests issue 2 years ago
  Gal Margalit ba78e5d2f6 Fix [ui] Actions screen pagination supports only descending order 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit ff8e684d84 UI: Actions screen improvements 3 years ago
  Anastasia Kuznetsova 19761bfa60 Fix gate-mistral-dashboard-python34 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit de9ce6ea22 UI: fixed workflow execution don't work 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 40222407bf UI: table pagination logic encapsulation 3 years ago
  zhangguoqing 5c622043ab Update URLs to Django 1.8 style 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 10a31bdb7a UI: Cron trigger create modal 3 years ago
  Liat Fried e93c979197 Mistral-dashboard: Actions screen 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 67a08ee273 UI: Enable CSS use in mistral dashboard 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit c56d137a90 UI: Cron Trigger screens - list and overview 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 3a1e52ed63 UI: Execution & task screens - state info tooltip 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 5d610370f6 UI: Task screen auto refresh 3 years ago
  lawrancejing 91ca0b59c9 Use the default `url` tag instead 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 5f5e510547 UI: Execution screen auto refresh 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 87a74ece9d UI: Execution pagination on client side 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 143ad65de6 UI: Execution update - update description modal 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit 936548c1e5 UI: Execution update - table actions 3 years ago
  Liat Fried 04798dcd48 UI:Actions list:remove desc column+details screen 3 years ago
  Gal Margalit d77840ff95 UI: Task & Execution screen refactored 3 years ago