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Takashi Kajinami 09d63aefbc Replace deprecated ugettext_lazy and ungettext_lazy
The ugettext_lazy method and the ungettext_lazy method are both
deprecated since Django 3.0[1].

These were already replaced in Horizon repo by [2].

[2] cd7c1b5110fe1f64cd9dfbeb1072b37912d0efee

Change-Id: I6697e4c006e7b8ec94a08ad4625a1980582b4d6d
2022-07-11 02:47:44 +00:00
pengyuesheng 773b34937c Remove redundant exception handling
Some interfaces have been treated abnormally in [1] and [2],
The exception has been processed using handle_errors,
there is no need to do additional processing later.


Change-Id: I0dd4709072e23615054d4c8511f0766bab3a62ea
2019-07-01 11:09:19 +08:00
pengyuesheng 7dc4afb3b9 Change action_execution to action_executions in url
Change-Id: I14ab5578cd6d4e027833f798871bd68e67627e5e
2019-05-20 11:22:36 +08:00
Akihiro Motoki 3ae1e8aae3 Django 2.0 support
Replace django.core.urlresolves with django.urls

(In Django 2.0) The django.core.urlresolvers module is removed
in favor of its new location, django.urls.
It was deprecated in Django 1.10:

Add py35dj20 job to test Django 2.0 integration.

Change-Id: I6d2e38201387012ba9a02c4b0bd8377895a5919a
2018-05-15 06:14:48 +09:00
Jenkins ba7c0111b8 Merge "Task table - type column would refer to workflow executions accordingly" 2017-01-24 10:48:22 +00:00
Rajiv Kumar ac86dfc55c Removed unnecessary utf-8 encoding
Change-Id: I8195c77f1da137877346f3dc395f71b42cd33086
2017-01-11 08:36:15 +05:30
Gal Margalit 696c330f28 Task table - type column would refer to workflow executions accordingly
* Task table - type column would refer to workflow executions accordingly
* Fixed django wrong url params (no logic changed, just better code)

* Screenshots:

Partially implements blueprint: refactor-execution-link-in-task-executions-screens

Change-Id: I70e7ba1f8a6595d15f30cee3f4f17db4d246a34e
2017-01-03 09:42:59 +00:00
Gal Margalit 91fac9f1b1 mistral-dashboard:fixed boolean field design bug
* boolean field design - removed the false check from detail screens,
  it is actually a bug: false is a valid value - and has a matching

Change-Id: Ifbec1757026f69abe6035ca35d0275c534e09b71
2016-12-07 09:21:25 +00:00
Gal Margalit 2a54532154 mistral-dashboard: added action executions screens
* Added 3 new action executions screens: index, overview, and update dialog
 * Added "type" attribute to task screens, followed by a corresponding link
 * Fixed breadcrumbs issue in detail screens following Horizon Newton change
 * Added state label design to detail screens
 * Added design to boolean fields

 * Screenshots:

Implements blueprint: mistral-dashboard-action-execution-screens
Implements blueprint: dashboard-detail-screens-improvements
Partially implements blueprint: refactor-execution-link-in-task-executions-screens
Closes-Bug: #1642246

Change-Id: I4c270b2b23d548d4e1cb7e8507e804e44e27c88f
2016-12-06 10:46:15 +00:00