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Vu Cong Tuan fc53013471 Switch to stestr
According to Openstack summit session [1],
stestr is maintained project to which all Openstack projects should migrate.
Let's switch to stestr as other projects have already moved to it.


Change-Id: I739cd53efa4f685d721dc4c9095d5df273b2acae
4 years ago
Dougal Matthews 7041082592 Ignore the .eggs directory
Change-Id: Ieb9502c36c7021d097fb64928687cafce77fb707
5 years ago
Zhenguo Niu bf02eec2fe Update .gitignore
Added AUTHORS and ChangeLog as pbr will generate these

Change-Id: I20d43cef6974d5906447228e874e381ea0f94d56
6 years ago
Sharat Sharma 29824afbd2 Adding files to .gitignore
*Updated .gitignore for files created by releasenotes build
*Updated .gitignore for files created by doc build

Change-Id: I27eb3f7d2debb803623e0709c5d49f66781c786c
7 years ago
Zhenguo Niu a7b21ed6ce Add *.lock and .secret_key_store to .gitignore
Change-Id: I8c5e8a842596800b1fe664a3a6e35cf643c35161
8 years ago
Zhenguo Niu 1fa284ba32 Ignore swap files from getting into repository
Change-Id: I5770268f17398e9d8aec49152f32040c7e377bec
8 years ago
Kirill Izotov cdd08e49d2 Fix missing static folder
Change-Id: Ib38208193b9928160399c627dfbee48eb3fd3116
9 years ago
Kirill Izotov 28bde7a230 Move dashboard from python-mistralclient
- add license headers
- set up tox for flake8 checks and venv
- remove, tools/ and other stuff we don't need at the moment
- add basic sphinx setup for later use

Change-Id: I0d34fb9fd0bfd351d20474da88715b30ff3c3d61
9 years ago