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Zhenguo Niu 6014afd6c1 Enable Unit Test
Enable Unit Test add additional tooling to support running tests
and building virtual environments to mirror what is done in horizon.

Partially implements blueprint mistral-enrich-dashboard

Change-Id: I15b2b28a3a30e8c2ead3b2f68bf2986becbe7914
2015-07-07 17:44:45 +08:00
Kirill Izotov 28bde7a230 Move dashboard from python-mistralclient
- add license headers
- set up tox for flake8 checks and venv
- remove, tools/ and other stuff we don't need at the moment
- add basic sphinx setup for later use

Change-Id: I0d34fb9fd0bfd351d20474da88715b30ff3c3d61
2014-06-17 13:53:16 +07:00