Gal Margalit 2a54532154 mistral-dashboard: added action executions screens
* Added 3 new action executions screens: index, overview, and update dialog
 * Added "type" attribute to task screens, followed by a corresponding link
 * Fixed breadcrumbs issue in detail screens following Horizon Newton change
 * Added state label design to detail screens
 * Added design to boolean fields

 * Screenshots: http://pho.to/AXApU

Implements blueprint: mistral-dashboard-action-execution-screens
Implements blueprint: dashboard-detail-screens-improvements
Partially implements blueprint: refactor-execution-link-in-task-executions-screens
Closes-Bug: #1642246

Change-Id: I4c270b2b23d548d4e1cb7e8507e804e44e27c88f
2016-12-06 10:46:15 +00:00

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<span class="boolfield">
<i class="{{ type.color }} {{ type.icon }}" aria-hidden="true"></i>
{{ bool }}