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  Arundhati Surpur 8a1a3a8430 Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 1 year ago
  Sharat Sharma 8fa917e117 Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme 1 year ago
  Sharat Sharma 87a3f76418 Apply Pike document structure 1 year ago
  Sharat Sharma 436f0137d1 Enable warning-is-error 1 year ago
  Adriano Petrich 6980ad070d Fix documentation for custom actions 2 years ago
  Ryan Brady 5764aec7ae Adds minimum common shared code for custom actions API 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 0ac89b1598 Fix the package name in the docs 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 6cdeb9e83c Small changes like deletion of extra underline in the docs 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 6d75dcee7f Initial project layout 2 years ago