14 Commits (master)

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  Dougal Matthews 9f5162fa5a Make the ActionContext serializable 9 months ago
  Ifat Afek d1ccfd0555 Fixed the documentation of 'run' params 9 months ago
  sunqingliang6 fb8f4e3ce6 fix the method description, wrong grammar 1 year ago
  guotao ae4fa908cf Fix the method description 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews 817461b40c Provide redirection for all security context attributes 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews 40e593bd20 Rename task_id to task_execution_id 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews e195c6d90f Add deprecated context parameters to the new security context 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews ff1e58332f Add an empty __init__ method to the base Action class 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews db09c50dbe Add a representation of the ActionContext in mistral-lib 1 year ago
  Renat Akhmerov e4b9b5543f Update serialization from 'mistral' repo with latest changes 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews b5066c3c56 Remove the unused ApplicationContextNotFoundException 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews c0982f4797 Make the Result class more convienient to use 2 years ago
  Ryan Brady 5764aec7ae Adds minimum common shared code for custom actions API 2 years ago
  Ryan Brady 6a6620bc48 Fixes namespace issue 2 years ago