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  OpenDev Sysadmins aa6036c1e4 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  zhulingjie e13e89cbfc Update hacking version to latest 5 months ago
  zhangbailin c163c8ee8b Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 6 months ago
  sunjia e0bdf6742f Add Train specs directory 7 months ago
  akhiljain23 c28660242a Update min tox version to 2.0 7 months ago
  Doug Hellmann bb73128fbf fix tox python3 overrides 8 months ago
  Zuul d242c7a272 Merge "Update links in README" 10 months ago
  Nguyen Hai 7f3d0e4f5f import zuul job settings from project-config 10 months ago
  melissaml 24d8a36e81 Update links in README 10 months ago
  Zuul ab5e86b4c0 Merge "Add custom-context-for-executions spec" 10 months ago
  Dougal Matthews 84fe32b3ad Add a Patch Abandonment policy 10 months ago
  Andras Kovi 834480722d Add custom-context-for-executions spec 10 months ago
  Ha Manh Dong 29c2a31d7e Switch to use stestr for unit test 11 months ago
  wanghui 1871e23749 Fix a typo of "authentication" in comment 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger a419b7375e Revert "Migrate mistral-specs to zuul v3" 1 year ago
  Brad P. Crochet bb577d358e Migrate mistral-specs to zuul v3 1 year ago
  Jenkins dbc10d693c Merge "Create and run workflows within a namespace" 1 year ago
  Michal Gershenzon cb3bf9262f Create and run workflows within a namespace 2 years ago
  Jenkins deed8d68ae Merge "HA specification" 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 9ca07e908a HA specification 2 years ago
  Jenkins ed6756b29a Merge "Don't force policy specs into approved or implemented directories" 2 years ago
  Jenkins c77ab1bfa4 Merge "Workflow Error Analysis" 2 years ago
  Toure Dunnon 9c49c01a41 Workflow Error Analysis 2 years ago
  Lingxian Kong 607c3f1162 Move multi-region-support to implemented folder 2 years ago
  Jenkins 34762fa708 Merge "Fix doc generation for python 3" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 01f429e960 Merge "Adding securing sensitive data spec" 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma e4ad2e1a21 Fix doc generation for python 3 2 years ago
  Jenkins dcad014cda Merge "Optimize the link address" 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 8aecf62b99 Optimize the link address 2 years ago
  Brad P. Crochet 67ca3a3db5 Adding securing sensitive data spec 2 years ago
  Lingxian Kong ceb0ee5d20 Support region for openstack actions 2 years ago
  Jenkins 290d61b527 Merge "Mistral Actions Library" 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 352669e570 Add 'Advanced publishing' spec instead of 'Global context' spec 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 3dea43e71b Don't force policy specs into approved or implemented directories 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 2c2eba6c10 Mistral Actions Library 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6608923952 Merge "Add Pike specs into index" 2 years ago
  Jenkins f3d7073485 Merge "Add AUTHORS to the .gitignore" 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 946a22e8a2 Force the docs to be built with Python 2 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 4637345454 Add AUTHORS to the .gitignore 2 years ago
  Jenkins d6cad4bb05 Merge "Add a policy section to the Mistral specs" 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov c8991a016f Add Pike specs into index 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 4dd49460ac Update folder structure 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 3edd778613 Add a policy section to the Mistral specs 2 years ago
  ricolin 9f90f009d8 Update test requirement 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 5f05c9e69d Fix doc build if git is absent 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 67c02d7dfc Adding workflow global context spec 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma feaa16a819 Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 2 years ago
  zhouyunfeng ffd42570fb add CONTRIBUTING.rst 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 7151bba9fb Show team and repo badges on README 2 years ago
  Michal Gershenzon a4bd1de3f8 Yaql Tasks Function 2 years ago