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  Ghanshyam Mann c5808e54e0 Dropping the py35 testing 1 week ago
  yfzhao 98589e12c9 Update mailinglist from dev to discuss 4 months ago
  Bob Haddleton e0522a33db Add Python 3.6 classifier to setup.cfg 7 months ago
  Lance Bragstad 5e3cdec918 Add entry point to allow for oslo.policy CLI usage 7 months ago
  Nguyen Van Trung 69d34b2e85 Follow the new PTI for document build 9 months ago
  Vitalii Solodilov 5f89e2e71f Added JavaScript evaluator which doesn't require a compilation 1 year ago
  Vitalii Solodilov e01daded0f Added thread pool for eventlet executor mode 1 year ago
  Winson Chan 3f48e24dc4 Implement notification of execution events 1 year ago
  Chandan Kumar 4f57c90d69 Remove intree mistral tempest plugin 1 year ago
  Brad P. Crochet 9d2f12bb0b Actually add the yaml_dump expression 1 year ago
  Adriano Petrich ad733d3112 Add executions yaql filter 1 year ago
  Dai Dang Van 49ed570cfe Implement policy in code (1) 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews 6fc541a44c Add a json_dump expression function 1 year ago
  Brad P. Crochet 6bd96d70b1 Add yaml and json parsing functions 1 year ago
  Hangdong Zhang 060d400d30 Update and optimize documentation links 1 year ago
  csatari 6c362ce53e Adding warning-is-error to doc building 1 year ago
  Luong Anh Tuan c9f90557a8 Change author in setup.cfg 1 year ago
  Van Hung Pham 10c70b707d Optimize the link address 1 year ago
  Winson Chan b6de4720db Fix WSGI script for gunicorn 1 year ago
  Winson Chan eb09a90749 Make rpc_backend not engine specific 2 years ago
  Winson Chan 62d8c5edaf Add option to run actions locally on the engine 2 years ago
  Brad P. Crochet 8f335f544e Enable WSGI under Apache in devstack 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov ca1009c327 Advanced publishing: add 'global' function to access global variables 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 2553b2be1a Disable pbrs auto python-api generation 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 679fe7bbef Add a Mistral lexer for pygments 2 years ago
  gengchc2 3ba02abe34 Remove support for py34 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 0653e408e4 Add action "std.test_dict" 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov f190b5e04b Register Javascript action additionally as 'js' action 2 years ago
  Dawid Deja 498e69c426 Make kombu driver work in multi-thread manner 2 years ago
  Ji zhaoxuan 74bca2d309 Remove commented-out Apache 2 classifier from setup.cfg 2 years ago
  Michal Gershenzon eb6c0513c6 Yaql Tasks Function 2 years ago
  Kirill Izotov 362c2295e8 Add Jinja evaluator 2 years ago
  Winson Chan f9c9ca8260 Abstract authentication function 2 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov 471ce2d043 Add 'uuid' YAQL function 2 years ago
  Roman Dobosz 606059add8 Rename package mistral.engine.rpc to mistral.engine.rpc_backend 2 years ago
  PanFengyun 89645ce243 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 2 years ago
  Nikolay Mahotkin fc6d712840 Make RPC implementation configurable 3 years ago
  Xavier Hardy 72dcdfbf2a Add support for custom YAQL functions 2 years ago
  Dawid Deja 716776a58e Remove std.mistral_http action from tests 2 years ago
  Dougal Matthews a50dcfce4e Add Python 3.4 to the classifiers 2 years ago
  Thomas Goirand a4c4eadbce Also package mistral_tempest_tests 3 years ago
  Nina Goradia fdb24bd697 module docs are not being generated 3 years ago
  Doug Hellmann 8a2d4b29d7 register the config generator default hook with the right name 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 54296b1519 Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator 3 years ago
  hparekh 208c4f820e Initial layout for mistral tempest plugin. 3 years ago
  Lingxian Kong 5f714efbb5 Remove version from setup.cfg 3 years ago
  Shuquan Huang 1049328e87 OpenStack typo 3 years ago
  venkatamahesh 6d2435cf81 Added home-page value with mistral docs 3 years ago
  Renat Akhmerov f8c1f0c6e0 Set version for Mitaka 3 years ago
  Nikolay Mahotkin eeef1f8966 Creating new SSH action which uses gateway 3 years ago