36 Commits (0ee7a3651028a520dc8ef2be14d765502de4d2da)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ghanshyam Mann 7cf2014c2e [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 7 months ago
Renat Akhmerov ef162b9efa Fix version of requests in constraints 7 months ago
wu.shiming b3f609d165 Update doc8 version 8 months ago
Renat Akhmerov 1c44a2b1db Fix constraints 8 months ago
Renat Akhmerov 06a0f33476 Refactor Mistral with Action Providers 1 year ago
Q.hongtao 4bc6162515 Remove six library 10 months ago
Q.hongtao ac84e6d8ee Remove translation sections from setup.cfg 10 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann b55cc013c1 [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal 1 year ago
Hervé Beraud d0d75be7cb drop mock from lower-constraints 1 year ago
Hervé Beraud c4c11c9b85 Cap jsonschema 3.2.0 as the minimal version 1 year ago
Andreas Jaeger 4b52d4d458 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 1 year ago
Andreas Jaeger 2c99ddc3ef Update hacking for Python3 1 year ago
Renat Akhmerov fe71a0d33a Bump oslo.serialization version to 2.21.1 1 year ago
Eyal 5aa1c70452 Fix requirements 2 years ago
Eyal 8bdf341af7 Remove OpenStack actions from mistral 2 years ago
Oleg Ovcharuk c1c21d7cdd Disable key sorting in workflow definition 3 years ago
Renat Akhmerov c888a46ccc Fix keycloak authentication 2 years ago
Eyal 80ff52284e Make sure minimum amqp is 2.5.2 2 years ago
caoyuan 6e89218125 tox: Keeping going with docs 2 years ago
Renat Akhmerov 9103b5439d Add the explicit dependency from kombu 2 years ago
ali 7e7f1cb92b moved generic util functions from mistral to mistral-lib 2 years ago
Hongbin Lu 60536f6912 Bump lower constraint of python-zunclient 2 years ago
Eyal d8a127abe2 Upgrade hacking 2 years ago
Renat Akhmerov 4a9d55a1b0 Retry a DB transaction on "Too many connections" error 2 years ago
Brad P. Crochet b6ebcb3bd0 Use SessionClient for Ironic actions 3 years ago
John Eckersberg b97b24856f Use eventlet-aware threading events 3 years ago
翟小君 6dc981d814 Bump openstackdocstheme to 1.30.0 2 years ago
Hervé Beraud 831162ac0a Constraint networkx to <2.3 for Python 2 2 years ago
Renat Akhmerov 97f4fc2776 Setting the lower version of sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme to 0.10.0 2 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 0085d08baa Stop using deprecated keystone_authtoken/auth_uri 3 years ago
Jose Castro Leon a2756a34c2 Support Manila actions in Mistral 3 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 9883814cdc Switch to using stestr 3 years ago
Lingxian Kong 4fe4198ac8 Support Qinling actions in Mistral 3 years ago
pengdake 11896ba733 Support actions for zun 3 years ago
Jaewook Oh f25fb43177 Added Vitrage actions into Mistral 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann b8db6c6bc4 add lower-constraints job 3 years ago