104 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lukasz Zajaczkowski f23ceda96b Enable the system metrics in Docker environment 9 months ago
  Lukasz Zajaczkowski 029127aa42 Enable the process plugin in Docker environment 9 months ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort e13de8083e Allow Keystone config in init_config for http check 1 year ago
  Eduardo 1133a0a04f Add LXC swap metric collector and fix lxc bug 1 year ago
  mhoppal cc6f1b9ec2 Add container memory percentage metric when running in k8s 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski 14a3e89421 Fix RabbitMQ whitelist documentation error 1 year ago
  Dirk Mueller 5f0a3d974b readd nsfs to the list of ignored filesystems 1 year ago
  Luís Eduardo 1f3af5ad70 Introduce agent plugin for LXC 1 year ago
  Koji Nakazono d8f0857f62 Fix the example http_check.yaml for Keystone 1 year ago
  Haruki Yamanashi 2e5c6475e7 Change template/example of Libvirt config file 1 year ago
  ryan-brandt a24c8edcfb Add a smaller vcenter plugin for status 1 year ago
  Flávio Ramalho 612492c774 Ceph cluster plugin 1 year ago
  Flávio Ramalho d2c6bedf36 Fix load plugin dimension 1 year ago
  Michael James Hoppal dc634a73b8 Add prometheus client plugin 2 years ago
  liyingjun 37df865559 Fix libvirt plugin when using keystone v3 2 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng 8187a0c73f Add Dimensions into White List 2 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 7ffae8e9fc Add Kubernetes API Plugin 2 years ago
  Dirk Mueller 2988905a9f Ignore more non-device related filesystems 2 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng 814b69d49d Add white list for reporting metrics 2 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 3510491d3d Add Kubernetes plugin 2 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng 059d7eedd5 Add cAdvisor host plugin 2 years ago
  Kevin Kirkpatrick dae6e46c4c Implements A10 Load Balancer plugin configurations 2 years ago
  Donagh McCabe a72f907eef Add json_plugin: simple way to post metrics to Monasca 2 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal e7ca18385f Improve docker plugin 2 years ago
  Brad Klein 71a0d5dd26 Expand libvirt and ovs plugins to publish entity names 2 years ago
  Anant Patil ebab1484b4 Include scale_group metadata for customer metrics 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 1a25c633b8 Invalid kafka_consumer documentation 2 years ago
  Andrea Adams fb4ee3a588 Made collection times configurable 2 years ago
  Chris Morrell fc214a8596 Add SolidFire Monasca Check Plugin: 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 704ab58a4e Kibana metrics 3 years ago
  Selvakumar S 372049951a Added new flags to avoid collecting unnecessary metrics 2 years ago
  Gandharva 253d48cbe4 Add detection plugin for enabling ovs plugin 2 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 8b4ed96fa7 Rework Vertica plugin 2 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 076cca54ba Add nsfs to the ignore file system list for the disk check 3 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly a52841531a Ignore freezer backups 3 years ago
  Rakesh H S 2ec8f70579 Monasca-setup to configure for instance scale_group metadata 3 years ago
  cindy oneill cb1334271a New Vertica plugin 3 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng 9650aafe35 Fix Directory Check in Agent 3 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng e2fc033226 Add Plugin to Monitor File Size 3 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal b2211aa0eb Add HPE copyright 3 years ago
  RenukaPrasad 0901e74e12 Monasca VMWare vCenter plugin to monitor ESX clusters 3 years ago
  dagnello c483d95b0b Porting Supervisord check from DataDog 3 years ago
  Ryan Brandt 75a0462373 Fix disk rollup metric names 3 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 67122d8f36 Add the ability to grab processes checks by user 3 years ago
  David Schroeder d42c5918eb Add ability to run ping tests against VMs 3 years ago
  Craig Bryant 0a62b8ef33 Change last of the URLs from stackforge to openstack 3 years ago
  David Schroeder 3520fba6e0 Replace host_alive test with hypervisor VM states 3 years ago
  sripad 231f89f7cc Add scale_group dimension to libvirt plug-in 3 years ago
  Ryan Brandt 0a9028ce89 Speed up kafka plugin 3 years ago
  Ryan Brandt 720eba47a5 Do not collect disk stats on cdrom 3 years ago