33 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stefano Canepa a8a2bb845b Removed dependency on supervisor 1 year ago
  Ryan Bak 8bc8db6495 Check status on agent stop and wait if not stopped 2 years ago
  Shinya Kawabata c29232a263 Fix typo 3 years ago
  Craig Bryant b0cc0ccb14 Change the default agent user to mon-agent 4 years ago
  Michael James Hoppal 89bce3f4a1 Always restart monasca agent even on clean exit 4 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 5f5c77847d Added a systemd service provider 4 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 48b1c4bc5f Changes to enable an install via a virtual env 4 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 5ac0feaead Added a sleep between stop/start to allow stop to fully complete 4 years ago
  Gary Hessler f9fd9c5a30 Converted the agent config file to yaml to match the plugin config files 4 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 721b013d11 Various fixes to make it easier to run in diverse environments 4 years ago
  gary-hessler 34d82d455e Renaming agent packages to reflect monasca 4 years ago
  gary-hessler fde221f5db Fixing psutil version issue. 4 years ago
  gary-hessler a60555cf32 Rename package to monasca-agent. 4 years ago
  David Schroeder 9846945a2d supervisord missing correct path on boot 4 years ago
  David Schroeder 101fe92c70 supervisord missing correct path on boot 4 years ago
  gary-hessler e86e1dc43a Added new OpenStack services 4 years ago
  David Schroeder 41ba189053 Run supervisord as the mon-agent user, not root 4 years ago
  gary-hessler 8a6386d5ac Integrating python-monclient into agent 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 06dbf96434 Configured setup.py so it will work for installing 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman af384111c4 Renamed dogstatsd->monstatsd 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman e59533aa2a Fixes for the odd pathing done with a deb install 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 3f92626c2e Fixes for running/building 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 033d040de1 JAH-127 reorganized components to acheive a clearer seperation 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman b960baa599 Minor fix to make what is happening in package install a bit more clear. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 33d6481721 Fixes following the initial rebranding. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 16e9642e73 Initial remove of datadog branding, rpm support and moved mapping file location. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman a24527b7e9 Finished very initial move from custom emitter to a full transactional emitter 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 76518a3757 Working deb build. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 050c206a69 Changes to make the forwarder work. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman c99db289a9 Ripped out the datadog remote bits of the forwarder. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman e4bb04ef38 Removed embeded collections library. 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 558370353f collector only sends metrics to the forwarder, pulled out ganglia 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman f3275ae606 Pulled out unused bits, move pup to standalone 5 years ago
  Tim Kuhlman 587802517d Initial relocation of deb creation scripts. monagent should be a python module 5 years ago