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  OpenDev Sysadmins 26133aefe4 OpenDev Migration Patch 6 hours ago
  Zuul bd6d88b10e Merge "Improve Docker README file" 1 day ago
  Zuul 0940820f6f Merge "Docker support cassandra keyspace option" 1 day ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort 22ae276697 Improve Docker README file 1 week ago
  zhangjianweibj 8369c5c259 Docker support cassandra keyspace option 1 week ago
  Zuul 344ea886e4 Merge "Dropping the py35 testing" 2 days ago
  Ghanshyam Mann b33c46baac Dropping the py35 testing 5 days ago
  Zuul c79fcd6fc6 Merge "Improve devstack vagrantfile" 1 week ago
  Zuul 0284544aad Merge "cassandra docker support" 1 week ago
  Zuul 072e3450c1 Merge "cassandra cluster no load-balancing policy" 1 week ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort 65def2e6df Improve devstack vagrantfile 1 week ago
  zhangjianweibj b13f2c4239 cassandra docker support 1 month ago
  zhangjianweibj 0b1bb93206 cassandra cluster no load-balancing policy 1 month ago
  zhangjianweibj 2b3ff63ac5 Keystone region name option redefined 1 week ago
  Zuul b1bd423822 Merge "Use proper naming for docker service image zuul job" 1 week ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort a6e3121d13 Use proper naming for docker service image zuul job 1 week ago
  Zuul 6bfb250594 Merge "Update /v2/alarms/count api endpoint" 1 week ago
  Zuul c40bdb252f Merge "Detect missing metric_id before passing through bytearray()" 2 weeks ago
  Ethan Apodaca 1d3efdb215
Update /v2/alarms/count api endpoint 3 weeks ago
  Martin Chacon Piza 8437530b87 Update Ubuntu release in documentation 2 weeks ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 033450ec74 Update master for stable/stein 2 weeks ago
  zhangjianweibj 8a4f20dc97 Keystone region name support 3 weeks ago
  Joseph Davis d6852ee1b7 Detect missing metric_id before passing through bytearray() 3 weeks ago
  Ian Wienand a936c123aa Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 weeks ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz 66d08c2b25 README.rst: make it us-ascii 1 month ago
  Witek Bedyk 7ebd8a9090 Remove Java build job 1 month ago
  zhangjianweibj 1f0df6a985 Configure Cassandra cluster port 1 month ago
  Adrian Czarnecki e18ed3f02d Improve tests coverage 2 months ago
  Adrian Czarnecki 55a172c072 Remove redundant code 2 months ago
  Zuul 6f09a6f49a Merge "Update default docker monasca-api conf" 1 month ago
  Zuul 4681262d82 Merge "Set up DB schema in DevStack plugin using Alembic" 1 month ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort 189056a501 Update default docker monasca-api conf 1 month ago
  Witold Bedyk 6409d06439 Set up DB schema in DevStack plugin using Alembic 4 months ago
  Zuul 87631f37f9 Merge "Fix docker hub login variable" 1 month ago
  Zuul 7325909349 Merge "Add keystonemiddleware to oslo-config-generator conf" 1 month ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort de0e82ebca Fix docker hub login variable 1 month ago
  Zuul de9ceb0c26 Merge "Push Docker images to Docker Hub" 1 month ago
  Witek Bedyk 036b9cb519 Use new default persister configuration file 2 months ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort cf7ca7ae77 Push Docker images to Docker Hub 2 months ago
  Dobroslaw Zybort e6b9af00ac Use global job for building docker image 2 months ago
  Witek Bedyk cde6b1c680 Add monascalog-python3-tempest 2 months ago
  Thomas Bechtold 9066b6982b Add keystonemiddleware to oslo-config-generator conf 2 months ago
  Zuul 93c2be18ee Merge "Replace api-config.conf with monasca-api.conf" 2 months ago
  Thomas Bechtold 96e13dad75 Replace api-config.conf with monasca-api.conf 3 months ago
  Zuul 1e74dd67e7 Merge "zuul: Also kafka logs and some configs during CI run" 3 months ago
  Adrian Czarnecki 67513278a9 Remove unused exception 3 months ago
  Thomas Bechtold c89669d61e zuul: Also kafka logs and some configs during CI run 3 months ago
  Zuul ac7ca4bf2b Merge "Support standard config file path for monasca-api" 3 months ago
  Zuul 75ac7638d8 Merge "Add python3.5 classifier to setup.cfg" 3 months ago
  Zuul 96e332b130 Merge "Remove built-in plugins from database schema" 3 months ago