34 Commits (master)

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  Adrian Czarnecki 5359e4e633 Enable uWSGI support in devstack 1 year ago
  Tomasz Trębski 5d27af4079 Config-generator for monasca-api 1 year ago
  Artur Basiak 41cf335127 Adjust monasca-api installation 1 year ago
  Artur Basiak 4e168edf6e Add healtcheck endpoint 1 year ago
  Shinya Kawabata e8831f8229 Add multibyte character support for alarm definition 2 years ago
  liyingjun f379d71fcb Use oslo.db for sqla driver 2 years ago
  Craig Bryant 25914a5efe Remove mysql repositories 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 044f389848 Integration with oslo.context 2 years ago
  Jakub Wachowski 441a65dff8 Proposition for separate config for loggers. 2 years ago
  Kaiyan Sheng f26c427b4b Add metrics/dimensions/names into monasca-api 2 years ago
  Brad Klein 5f37594fe7 Add monasca api read-only user role 2 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly 7abd139f0e Enable Cassandra Database 3 years ago
  haali1 5a0801e9d9 Adds support for notification plugins in monacaapi 2 years ago
  Brad Klein a317508031 Add metrics/dimensions/names/values api for grafana templating optimization 2 years ago
  oiskam1 0462177fb7 ORM (sqlalchemy) implementation for python 3 years ago
  Ryan Brandt b0ff5227b0 Add alarm count resource 3 years ago
  Ryan Brandt 370d34f65f Update API to falcon 0.3 3 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth 2d566e4adc Converted to the oslo libraries in pypi 3 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth 89731de2a6 Updated for Falcon 0.2 and clean-up 3 years ago
  cindy oneill f4f14c77fd streams definition POST, GET, GET (id), DELETE 4 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth ee0952dd2a Conversion to milliseconds 4 years ago
  cindy oneill 9335ca5a1f Events (already distilled) will be posted to transformed-events 4 years ago
  henriquetruta ccdb3e1806 Integrating monasca-api with keystonemiddleware 4 years ago
  Tong Li 7eeacb686a enable microservice 4 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly 9a31307470 Add Alarms resources files 4 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly ba39188b2f Add alarm definition create resource 4 years ago
  cindy oneill 4c585dc46e Notifications resource support, helpers.py link functions 4 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly 17a440f352 Fix config file for case sensitivity 4 years ago
  Craig Bryant f23bc9f782 Use new monasca-common package names 4 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth c5f5fba741 Start of initial reference implementation and re-factored 4 years ago
  Tong Li ed99a4edb3 initial python implementation 4 years ago
  Derrick Johnson 648bb38cd8 updated to get middleware working 4 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth b659c24de7 Delete prod-hpmiddleware-truststore.jks 5 years ago
  Roland Hochmuth d85a8206c4 Delete prod-hpmiddleware-keystore.jks 5 years ago
  Jonathan Halterman 8f42f6dc08 Added key and trust stores 5 years ago