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  Witek Bedyk c514916761 Clean up removed Ceilometer meters 3 weeks ago
  Joseph Davis 8b0fb6d048 Refactor out Ceilometer V2 API related code 9 months ago
  Joseph Davis d02afc0b64 Document how to configure and use meters 1 year ago
  Joseph Davis 05b0c9abb4 Refresh the ceilometer.conf file provided by Ceilosca 1 year ago
  Ashwin Agate 4a2c73685f Monasca Ceilometer in sync with Ceilometer master 1 year ago
  Ashwin Agate 4775598b8a Fix ceilosca.sh vagrant env setup 1 year ago
  Joseph Davis ac045f3bd2 Update the instructions and scripts needed for devstack 2 years ago
  Atul Aggarwal a0f873f413 Adding query metric mappings, dimensions, futurist, paging 2 years ago
  Srinivas Sakhamuri 02ca4e80fe Uses devstack plugins to deploy ceilosca in devstack 3 years ago
  Rohit Jaiswal fdf002bd7a Added notification_workers to ceilo.conf 3 years ago
  Fabio Giannetti 7c2ec87d25 Pipeline was erroneously overwritten 3 years ago
  Srinivas Sakhamuri 0116647915 Ceilosca deployer scripts 3 years ago
  Rohit Jaiswal 652d414be2 Enabling API unit tests 3 years ago
  Srinivas Sakhamuri fcef6c383b Ceilometer integration with monasca 3 years ago