Integration between Monasca and Ceilometer
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Installing Ceilosca using automated methods

There are a few options for configuring Ceilosca on top of a Ceilometer and Monasca deployment.

Choose one:

  • DevStack can be instructed through the local.conf to “enable ceilosca”. Reference the included devstack/sample-local.conf for one example configuration.

  • Use the included Vagrantfile to create and provision a VM. This will provision a new Ubuntu 16.04 VM and run the

  • Under certain conditions the may be used to set up Ceilosca for testing. This .py may also be useful reference if you choose to write your own integration scripts.

  • The devstack/ script will copy Ceilosca components on top of Ceilometer.

    • has been updated to the Newton release.
    • is also used by the Vagrant deployment option.
    • The script should be tweaked before execution, particularly the lines.
    • export SERVICE_HOST=
    • export HOST_IP_IFACE=eth0
    • The script should be run by a sudoers user with no password required. Such as is described in
    • And note does not configure Horizon

Testing notes

Once Ceilosca is installed the gathered metrics will appear in Monasca. The monasca cli can be used to verify functionality.

  • Source a valid rc file to set the OS_ environment variables needed for the cli. For example: export OS_PROJECT_NAME=mini-mon export OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION=3 export OS_PASSWORD=<the password> export OS_AUTH_URL=http://<Your Keystone IP>/identity/v3/ export OS_USERNAME=mini-mon
  • Run monasca metric-list
    • Devstack includes a cirros 3.5 image by default. This will be represented in an image.size metric in monasca with a datasource of ceilometer.
  • Cause further metrics to be created by doing more OpenStack operations.
    • Create another image
    • wget -c -o cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img
    • openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare cirros-0.4.0 < cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img
    • Create a simple vm
    • openstack image list
    • Choose one of the images listed, note its id
    • openstack flavor list
    • Choose one of the flavors, note its id
    • openstack project list
    • openstack security group list
    • Pick the group that matches the admin project, note its id
    • openstack security group rule create --proto tcp --dst-port 22
    • openstack server create --flavor --image --security-group mytest
    • Check the progress with openstack server list
    • Look for additional metrics with datasource: ceilometer in monasca metric-list
  • Explore the samples (aka. measurements) in monasca measurement-list image.size -120 and similar commands.