38 Commits (master)

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  Amir Mofakhar 5729d7e7c8 Using oslo.policy for monasca-log-api 10 months ago
  Tomasz Trębski f55f34c9c4 Refactor project tree 1 year ago
  Tomasz Trębski 138ac174c4 Allow to specify CLI arguments 1 year ago
  Thomas Bechtold d243ed35d0 Use oslo-config-generator 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 21493ac9cf Ensure and verify utf-8 support 1 year ago
  Artur Basiak 35e67f300a Mock monascastatsd in tests 1 year ago
  Witold Bedyk 9bb918197e Fix cross-tenant logs submission 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 5e7ebdd9c5 Composite paste for monasca-log-api 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot aa069b76e4 Updated from global requirements 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 35a6314182 Make monasca-log-api work with Python 3.5 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski f00e8c9012 Integration with oslo.context 2 years ago
  Witold Bedyk 68fe277cba Add test for empty log message 2 years ago
  gecong1973 c008f8884f Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert 2 years ago
  Luong Anh Tuan e30e8effa1 Remove xrange for run both Python 2 and Python 3 2 years ago
  Artur Basiak d0bb9f0e8e Fix E126 test 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 91f318e8db Optimize bulk processing 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski c3bb9b9eb4 Monitoring for monasca-log-api 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 264ddd3c3f Truncating too big message 2 years ago
  Artur Basiak e9ca59c1c1 Remove unnecessary tests 2 years ago
  Koji Nakazono 25c87eb872 Remove kafka key building 2 years ago
  Artur Basiak 310e3053df Kafka message max size 2 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski e85e4d103f Unification for v2 and v3 output 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski b99fa92774 Common code base for v2 and v3 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 08e91a5807 Mark /v2.0/log/single as deprecated 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 5ebc3fc877 Use same abstract class for v2 and v3 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 0405d59701 Versions endpoint is working 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 81413d4d52 Moving unversioned endpoints 3 years ago
  Shinya Kawabata 73c7077177 Add validation of log property 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 412892aed2 Adding healthcheck 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski cb54d3e496 Sync to never monasca-common 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 33e9d7aaa3 Security update for monasca-log-api 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski 1feaa74013 Validating message size 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski dc89cde325 Syncing API version 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski f07a38e388 Fixing issues spotted in dev environment 3 years ago
  Venkat Sundaram 8f297f1222 Convert creation_time to string 3 years ago
  Venkat Sundaram b61b6afa82 Read region from config and handle payload 3 years ago
  Tomasz Trębski e921fd506c monasca-log-api python 3 years ago