Clarify dependency on cachetools in recreate-metric-id tool

It was found in some installations that python-cachetools needed
to be present on the system.  This can happen if the installation
was configured for the Java mon-persister but the recreate-metric-id
tool is written in Python.  Added a bullet item to describe this
dependency and the quick workaround of installing the
python-cachetools package.

Change-Id: I25635c069a5ed21342780a28b516c74b61dae30b
Story: 2005305
Task: 30611
Joseph Davis 4 years ago
parent 945fd8d04c
commit c32885aed8
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@ -25,6 +25,12 @@ Steps to use this tool:
- Log in to one node where monasca-persister is deployed.
- If this installation of Monasca is separate from other OpenStack services
(i.e. if Keystone services are not installed on the same server) then
`cachetools` may need to be installed. On a SUSE system this can be done
with `sudo zypper in python-cachetools`, or on an Ubuntu based devstack
this can be done with `sudo apt-get install python-cachetools`.
- Identify installation path to monasca-persister. This may be a
virtual environment such as