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Docker image for Monasca persister

The Monasca persister image is based on the monasca-base image.

Building monasca-base image


Building Docker image


$ ./ <repository_version> <upper_constrains_branch> <common_version>

Everything after ./ is optional and by default configured to get versions from Dockerfile. ./ also contain more detailed build description.

Environment variables

Variable Default Description
DEBUG false If true, enable debug logging
VERBOSE true If true, enable info logging
ZOOKEEPER_URI zookeeper:2181 The host and port for zookeeper
KAFKA_URI kafka:9092 The host and port for kafka
KAFKA_ALARM_HISTORY_BATCH_SIZE 1000 Kafka consumer takes messages in a batch
KAFKA_ALARM_HISTORY_GROUP_ID 1_events Kafka Group from which persister get alarm history
KAFKA_ALARM_HISTORY_PROCESSORS 1 Number of processes for alarm history topic
KAFKA_ALARM_HISTORY_WAIT_TIME 15 Seconds to wait if the batch size is not reached
KAFKA_EVENTS_ENABLE false Enable events persister
KAFKA_LEGACY_CLIENT_ENABLED false Enable legacy Kafka client
KAFKA_METRICS_BATCH_SIZE 1000 Kafka consumer takes messages in a batch
KAFKA_METRICS_GROUP_ID 1_metrics Kafka Group from which persister get metrics
KAFKA_METRICS_PROCESSORS 1 Number of processes for metrics topic
KAFKA_METRICS_WAIT_TIME 15 Seconds to wait if the batch size is not reached
DATABASE_BACKEND influxdb Select for backend database
INFLUX_HOST influxdb The host for influxdb
INFLUX_PORT 8086 The port for influxdb
INFLUX_USER mon_persister The influx username
INFLUX_PASSWORD password The influx password
INFLUX_DB mon The influx database name
INFLUX_IGNORE_PARSE_POINT_ERROR false Don't exit on InfluxDB parse point errors
CASSANDRA_HOSTS cassandra Cassandra node addresses
CASSANDRA_PORT 8086 Cassandra port number
CASSANDRA_USER mon_persister Cassandra user name
CASSANDRA_PASSWORD password Cassandra password
CASSANDRA_KEY_SPACE monasca Keyspace name where metrics are stored
CASSANDRA_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 5 Cassandra timeout in seconds
CASSANDRA_MAX_CACHE_SIZE 20000000 Maximum number of cached metric definition entries in memory
CASSANDRA_RETENTION_POLICY 45 Data retention period in days
STAY_ALIVE_ON_FAILURE false If true, container runs 2 hours even start fails

Wait scripts environment variables

Variable Default Description



URI to Apache Kafka (distributed streaming platform)



The topics where metric-api streams the metric messages and alarm-states

KAFKA_WAIT_RETRIES 24 Number of kafka connect attempts
KAFKA_WAIT_DELAY 5 Seconds to wait between attempts


In this starting script provide all steps that lead to the proper service start. Including usage of wait scripts and templating of configuration files. You also could provide the ability to allow running container after service died for easier debugging.

Please read detailed build description inside the script.

Provide Configuration templates

  • monasca-persister.conf.j2
  • persister-logging.conf.j2