46 Commits (master)

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  Ashwin Agate 963f774818 Fix Swift Rate Calculation 1 week ago
  sajuptpm 410115088e Enable mutable config in monasca_transform 9 months ago
  Ashwin Agate fbad704cc2 Remove service_id from pre-transform spec 11 months ago
  Ashwin Agate 0cf08c45c5 Cleanup pre transform and transform specs 1 year ago
  Amir Mofakhar 37d4f09057 Update pep8 checks 1 year ago
  Ashwin Agate 022bd11a4d Switch to using Spark version 2.2.0 1 year ago
  Ashwin Agate 94510afed9 Check periodically if host is leader 1 year ago
  agateaaa 2da390414e Hourly aggregation account for early arrving metrics 2 years ago
  Ashwin Agate f99a3faf68 Fix development environment and functional tests 2 years ago
  zhoumo 5fe82bf4ae Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid() 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin d8f283c378 Started adding kubernetes metrics aggregation 2 years ago
  David C Kennedy 00b4797a65 Corrected catch up aggregation logic 2 years ago
  David C Kennedy 26e53336d4 Add configurable amnesty period for late metrics 2 years ago
  David C Kennedy d76af6a0f0 Corrected test environment 2 years ago
  David C Kennedy 8a6e619f72 Populate the project id for kafka publish 2 years ago
  Ashwin Agate 1c65ca011b Validate metrics before publishing to kafka 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 0ea79c0305 Added aggregation results to application log 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 4edad0286a Eliminated ceiling function for utilization metrics 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 3cdb0d1687 Made corrections such that swiftlm.diskusage.rate_agg is now 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin bf2e42b3e0 Made changes to prevent multiple metrics in the same batch. 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin eff0e74c50 Eliminated processing_meta from hourly metrics. 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin d4f791e9ef Added aggregation of storage-objects.size. 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 0365bfa5bb Modifications to include processing_meta in pre-hourly metrics. 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 615e52d5cd Modifications to make rate calculations work with two-stage 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin accbacb19e Reintroduced some aggregations which were apparently lost when 2 years ago
  Michael Dong 442b7fbfb1 add test_fetch_quantity_util_agg 2 years ago
  Michael Dong 6b40f661ad add test cases for first and second stage of host and vm cpu usage processing 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin a9775506cb Removed 'device' as an expected dimension on incoming Swift 2 years ago
  darfed bb83b30dc1 Add TLS/SSL capability to database connection 2 years ago
  Michael Dong acba1782ad add test cases for fetch_quantity_prehourly_instance_usage 2 years ago
  Michael Dong c498564929 add 'string' to all firstrecord_timestamp and lastrecord_timestamp to fix bug 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin c7128b0136 Added filter capability for transform specs. 2 years ago
  Ashwin Agate 90b20bfd41 Change to monasca-common simport 2 years ago
  David C Kennedy b3f85e134e Change jdbc driver to drizzle 2 years ago
  Ashwin Agate 00b874a6b3 Two stage transformation 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin d8e73f3bde Added several Swift aggregations (including a new usage 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin c7aabb6927 Added aggregation for vm.mem.used_mb and 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin 11e8bac2cf Added aggregation for cpu.total_logical_cores and 2 years ago
  Flint Calvin e4ade60711 Implemented aggregation for disk.allocation. Also set the 2 years ago
  Ashwin Agate 8f61dd95a9 monasca-transform initial commit 2 years ago