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  Zuul 6391ee7981 Merge "Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs" 3 weeks ago
  zhulingjie 320fee8c19 Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 1 month ago
  zhurong 3e94d71732 Fix murano-specs gate 1 month ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 09424cf499 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  lijunjie 56c797a959 Fix the misspelling of "configuration" 5 months ago
  Vieri 2e5278b499 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 6 months ago
  98k 4b404b52f9 fix tox python3 overrides 8 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 8eda2a0047 fix tox python3 overrides 8 months ago
  98k 6ed319e260 import zuul job settings from project-config 9 months ago
  XiaojueGuan f11ecb5b72 Trivial: updat pypi url to new url 1 year ago
  Stan Lagun 0e99c7440c Agent message signing spec 1 year ago
  Paul Bourke 8d318a1e62 Spec for encryption of Murano PL properties 2 years ago
  Kirill Zaitsev d4db3d5683 Update spec repo config 2 years ago
  Felipe Monteiro fcb45347fb Implement policy in code 2 years ago
  Jenkins f688afee42 Merge "Use upper-constraints for tox envs" 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian 4af2c9830b Fix typo in murano-agent-timeouts.rst 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian 4302b08f7a Fix typo in env-configuration-from-cli.rst 2 years ago
  Rajiv Kumar 78f07707cb Use upper-constraints for tox envs 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 42cd7efd2c Show team and repo badges on README 2 years ago
  nizam 74005a705d Changed the home-page of murano-specs in setup.cfg 2 years ago
  Jenkins b85fe80e12 Merge "Spec on capability to edit existing environment properties" 2 years ago
  Jenkins b70bb0a720 Merge "Metadata Assignment And Propagation" 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk eb5a2eec8a Spec on capability to edit existing environment properties 2 years ago
  Luong Anh Tuan d0eefd4d03 Fix typo: remove redundant 'the' 2 years ago
  Tetiana Lashchova 5fc6e5796b Move specs to corresponding folders 2 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov 539baece68 Metadata Assignment And Propagation 2 years ago
  Jenkins 57d4cc1101 Merge "Spec for MuranoPL application policies" 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk a8240291ad Update spec on App dev framework to match the implementation 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk e4c68f24f1 Spec for MuranoPL application policies 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk 7b05cd043a Update GC spec with implementation details 2 years ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong f69397ccdb Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  Jenkins bc9d5d8042 Merge "Dependency-driven multi-step resource deallocation" 2 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov 7d2acdc328 Dependency-driven multi-step resource deallocation 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2da0113abb Merge "Spec for validation tool for Murano Application Packages" 2 years ago
  Alexander Saprykin 1c5b0e9a42 Spec for validation tool for Murano Application Packages 2 years ago
  Jenkins 924fabd52b Merge "Add more details to metadata spec problem description" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 18112bd58c Merge "Application Development Framework" 2 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov c010b6f8b5 Application Development Framework 3 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk 20d054ca0d Add more details to metadata spec problem description 2 years ago
  Jenkins 17c07134a2 Merge "MuranoPL forms spec" 2 years ago
  Stan Lagun 8ef44f173e MuranoPL forms spec 3 years ago
  Jenkins 9a810b91aa Merge "Clearwater vIMS implementation spec" 2 years ago
  Konstantin Snihyr 07b26d9293 Clearwater vIMS implementation spec 3 years ago
  Jenkins 6bac1d6708 Merge "Spec for MuranoPL static actions" 3 years ago
  Stan Lagun 6dcc6b7c28 Spec for MuranoPL static actions 3 years ago
  Jenkins ddcf1f30e0 Merge "Support for Service Function Chaining in Murano" 3 years ago
  Bartosz Kupidura 27d7aa3b80 Support for Service Function Chaining in Murano 3 years ago
  Jenkins c9c08e1e43 Merge "Change the naming scheme for MuranoPL plugins" 3 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov c041259a2a Change the naming scheme for MuranoPL plugins 3 years ago
  Dmytro Dovbii 31a29de0cc Fix tables in env-template spec 3 years ago