120 Commits (master)

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  Rocky 42f113e69e Remove possible existing packages in deployment test 1 month ago
  zhurong 435e59405e Fix python2 and python3 compatible 4 months ago
  zhurong 6a462b61e2 Revert "Skip test_deploy_app_with_volume_creation_readonly test to unblock murano gate" 1 year ago
  zhurong 354550af1f Add a space for the skip message 8 months ago
  Chandan Kumar 3788a62b1f Use tempest.lib.decorators instead of nose 8 months ago
  zhurong 6aa5f13cab Move functional test to murano-tempest-plugin 8 months ago
  Rocky e4b04df9c8 Remove obsolete json.loads with _parse_resp 1 year ago
  Rocky 933ec08a96 Fix for python3 1 year ago
  zhurong 535e537647 Add 'orchestration' config group for murano tempest 1 year ago
  zhurong 0a35a3c88f Revert "Skip test_deploy_app_with_volume_creation_from_backup test to unblock murano gate" 1 year ago
  Rocky 8829dd49cd Add apt-get update in application deployment 1 year ago
  zhurong 04d53edd7f Skip test_deploy_app_with_volume_creation_from_backup test to unblock murano gate 1 year ago
  zhurong 7ad8e9ef63 Skip test_deploy_app_with_volume_creation_readonly test to unblock murano gate 1 year ago
  zhurong 64f763a4ac Fix tempest-dsvm-murano-cfapi NoSuchOptError 1 year ago
  zhurong 1f048b81ff Fix pep8 error 1 year ago
  Wriju Bhattacharya 767623d98f Added Tempest API client methods and Tempest tests for sessions and deployments 1 year ago
  Wriju Bhattacharya 311f98038d Added Tempest tests for publicizing a package 1 year ago
  Wriju Bhattacharya 091d36fefb Added Tempest negative tests for environments 1 year ago
  Andrea Frittoli 47ae16b5d3 Refine skip messages 1 year ago
  Andrea Frittoli eb19ad160a Handle available volume client versions 1 year ago
  Felipe Monteiro 7988509b14 Add idempotent_id decorators to murano_tempest_tests 1 year ago
  Felipe Monteiro ee7dfac465 Update testtools.testcase.attr to decorators.attr 1 year ago
  zhurong f02a186f47 Make cinder volume attachments available 1 year ago
  Andrea Frittoli f01e90a95b Init the orchestration client from config (part2) 1 year ago
  Andrea Frittoli bf03946f09 Init the orchestration client from config 1 year ago
  zhurong bd3d15d2d2 Unskip test_deploy_app_with_volume_creation test 1 year ago
  Sofiia Andriichenko d2a12c76cb Use default credentials if None has been passed 1 year ago
  Kirill Zaitsev 7f08dbec6c Skip cinder volume creation test 1 year ago
  Felipe Monteiro e2c430470b Remove long-ago deprecated show_categories 1 year ago
  Felipe Monteiro 54d51480ee Use tempest.test.BaseTestCase for murano tempest tests 1 year ago
  M V P Nitesh 25e04021fd Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 2 years ago
  Paul Bourke 92126e6b11 Allow users to assign a security group to an app 2 years ago
  Felipe Monteiro 3f235e74d1 Stop using aliases for creds manager 2 years ago
  Chandan Kumar fc2d947521 Fix config type of run_service_broker_tests to Boolean 2 years ago
  Paul Bourke b158b75d2e Add mising timeout to ApplicationCatalogClient 2 years ago
  Paul Bourke 852935684b Make CinderVolume attachment info available 2 years ago
  ol7435 21190f00f4 Change cred provider to enforce dynamic config 2 years ago
  Felipe Monteiro c25e1619ca Renames wait_for_volume_status in tempest tests for consistency. 2 years ago
  PRAMOD KUMAR SINGH d3d4418cb1 Make use of already registered group 2 years ago
  zhurong adab70409a Deleting dates from dictionaries to skip it in assert 2 years ago
  Ilya Popov bf42565768 Fix removes date_time items from dictionaries 2 years ago
  David Moreau-Simard 17f65f93c5 Reduce the amount of smoke tests from 61 to 40 2 years ago
  Stan Lagun 32977d9e3e Don't purge random stacks 2 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin c823cca7da Move test with cinder backup creation to the IsolatedAdmin suite 2 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov 3afb8f64c5 Unblocking the gate 2 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin 83e4d77899 Repair cinder integration tests 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk 235c44e7a5 Add environment edit API 2 years ago
  Valerii Kovalchuk 57cc16da68 Allow to PUT an empty object model 2 years ago
  Alexey Deryugin 849b8ea600 Make tests compose packages in temporarily directory 2 years ago
  zhurong 31abed068f Revert "Fix config group for SSL in tempest test" 2 years ago