APIs and framework to attach BGP VPNs to Neutron networks
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BGP-MPLS VPN Extension for OpenStack Networking

This project provides an API and Framework to interconnect BGP/MPLS VPNs to Openstack Neutron networks, routers and ports.

The Border Gateway Protocol and Multi-Protocol Label Switching are widely used Wide Area Networking technologies. The primary purpose of this project is to allow attachment of Neutron networks and/or routers to VPNs built in carrier provided WANs using these standard protocols. An additional purpose of this project is to enable the use of these technologies within the Neutron networking environment.

A vendor-neutral API and data model are provided such that multiple SDN controllers may be used as backends, while offering the same tenant facing API. A reference implementation working along with Neutron reference drivers is also provided.

Introduction videos

The following videos are filmed presentations of talks given during the Barcelona OpenStack Summit (Oct' 2016). Although they do not cover the work done since, they can be a good introduction to the project: