19 Commits (c38e8902fd15d36a857b251133cd6db453acd7b9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
elajkat c38e8902fd Fix pep8 job 1 year ago
elajkat d6a93f6233 Fix recent gate failures 2 years ago
elajkat 0a77c0bf12 Remove references for unittest2 2 years ago
ythomas1 b3134d13a6 Fix lower constraints 2 years ago
Boden R 643b62796e Fix sphinx requirements 2 years ago
manchandavishal 47719d12de Drop Django 1.11 support 2 years ago
Thomas Morin 813b1815a6 lower-constraints: align pyscopg version to global reqs 2 years ago
Boden R a11d46e71a use rpc from neutron-lib 3 years ago
Thomas Morin ddb459ad0d Upgrade pylint to a version that works with python3 3 years ago
Tuan Do Anh a0c4b6c3f6 Fix lower-constraints.txt 3 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 892c9f980b Drop nose dependencies 3 years ago
Thomas Morin ad69810b62 adjust requirements 3 years ago
Chuck Short 532465a09d Remove use_mox directive 3 years ago
Boden R 0c118f7752 update requirements for neutron-lib 1.18.0 3 years ago
Thomas Morin e9ab21a29d switch to stestr 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 664a429f7e add lower-constraints job 4 years ago