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Henry Gessau d70c6b1357 Bring models in sync with migrations, add test
Bring the sqlalchemy models in sync with the alembic migrations.

Add the neutron standard model-migration sync test. The test is added
to the unit test env since l2gw does not have a functional job
yet. This requires that l2gw uses the python-db-jobs template in the

(Also remove downgrades since they are not supported.)

Closes-Bug: #1605675

Depends-On: I3a8ea02b86846e9a8a7d7f2aee9700ca952b0248

Change-Id: Ib73f554d5f0bbfbe25a0f6ad33b23e4584800e21
7 years ago
Armando Migliaccio b5635a3109 Revert "allow binding to vlan 0"
This reverts commit 782271f5db.


Change-Id: I02b9b3f5902957734f6a840c38a824108ee6a3b6
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 8d53fea503 Fix issues with Python 3 tests
Commit 782271f5db broke
python 3 tests.

Change-Id: Id1ed913dbf81e3bed22a92313109d87f3993c713
Closes-bug: #1606146
7 years ago
vikas 782271f5db allow binding to vlan 0
This patchset allows to create l2-gateway-connection with
segmentation-id 0.

Change-Id: I48031bc4cb4b833c1eb95e952a45393687ccb009
Closes-Bug: 1543977
7 years ago
Hiroyuki Ito 995c3e1132 Return 404 error against invalid id requests
When the update or show l2 gateway api requests specify invalid id,
neutron returns internal server error because _get_l2_gateway method didn't
raises L2GatewayNotFound error.
This commit fixes it so that these api can return 404 code error in the
above case.

Change-Id: I561955a972c7419f96db72be85f9538f9e13c3b2
Closes-Bug: 1535625
7 years ago
Abhishek Raut 1f14dab5ab Fix _get_l2_gateway call
If an invalid L2 gateway UUID is passed to _get_l2_gateway method,
it returns None instead of raising L2GatewayNotFound exception.
This leads to an Internal Server Error.

This patch replaces the 'try...except' block with an 'if' statement
because get method of SQLAlchemy Query object returns a None
instead of raising NotFound exception.

Closes-Bug: #1570146
Change-Id: Ib95fdaa4af613800159d89960b8b98c839508eaf
7 years ago
vikas 42aee1db03 Fix L2GW service framework for out-of-tree drivers.
Enhance the L2GW Service Driver framework to embrace
out-of-L2GW-source-tree service drivers.

Co-Authored-By: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <>

Change-Id: Ib56ee8bfd182c031e468c503acb0cd75daea8c40
7 years ago
Abhishek Raut ca6ad1aa97 networking-l2gw: make use of neutron_lib exceptions
Commit 87a79256c494c36f2d9597313f430b24c0110161 added shared exceptions
to neutron-lib. This patch makes use of the aforementioned library.

Change-Id: I14b27381c4f4847ce5e95ff43a1efe97a2685505
7 years ago
vikas db38c9252c remove thread in l2gw_callback
call add_port_mac in l2gw_callback for port update event
as a normal call rather than in thread.

Change-Id: I95ebef23dc5d2bfc3d406c0ac0acd7318485973d
8 years ago
preeti mirji 56cacc5f1b Fix for string type seg-id
Creating l2-gateway gives internal
server error if segmentation-id specified is
string type.

Change-Id: I64e9555ea1419e56ab1bde7c661d0551814f1952
Closes-bug: 1483130
8 years ago
Phani Pawan 2702c5a342 Fix for Ucast Mac Remote deletion after switch is deleted
This patchset implements the UcastMacRemote deletion after
the corresponding switch is deleted or disconnected from the

Change-Id: I383412b523d7c96b85735e18202450edf71fc6f1
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 797b5e0f2e Fix failures introduced by the new version of mock
There were calls to non-existent assert's that were silently passing;
there a number of tests that were poorly mocked and have been fixed.

Other tests were clearly just change detector and were removed altogether.

Change-Id: I66ca5140a2dfcb57bf074a7f6d33b97d34cd968b
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio d4f5606c0e Switch to new oslo library names
Change-Id: Icea55acb2b7ff8bc3374791ac5f030fb17b4a066
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio b5a5cbbeaf Fix oslo imports
Change-Id: I2794dd5bbe7c6c25a31b2913a65ffa5346cdf021
8 years ago
Manjunath Patil b9982add08 Recreation of tunnels and exception handling when adding vm port
The patch set handles recreation of tunnels
when openvswitch is restarted and it also proposes
the fix for exception thrown while adding vm port
after l2gateway connection to ovsdb


Change-Id: I3ccdd64272adc2d008da69fdd2652b029368fb44
Co-Authored-By: Phani Pawan <>
8 years ago
Jenkins 7d84b6b057 Merge "Retry logic for insert/delete/update MAC failures" 8 years ago
Maruti bb70491207 Retry logic for insert/delete/update MAC failures
The patch set fixes the problem described in a launchpad
bug, where any failures in inserting/updating/delete MACs
into the OVSDB server do not get retried in a later
point in time. The failure may occur when the L2 gateway
agent is down or the OVSDB server is down.

Change-Id: I79956f498c3279e1c78be812563a32c2c41e77ca
Closes-Bug: 1446805
Closes-Bug: 1451765
8 years ago
preeti-mirji e666dbac1e Deactivating the switch doesnot delete l2gw-conn
This patchset addresses the changes where deactivating
switch/ovsdb should delete l2-gateway-connections.

Change-Id: I8be62153e24696c4b265b7634ab172fbd4a2bda5
Closes-bug: 1447453
8 years ago
Jenkins 836183ef9a Merge "L2GW creation REST API output mismatch with input" 8 years ago
Maruti 60aab17a98 Fix for l2-gateway-connection-delete error
The patch set fixes the problem described in launchpad
bug 1445770 where l2-gateway-connection-delete reports
an error when there are VMs on the network associated
with the connection.

Closes-Bug: 1445770

Change-Id: I76278bda7bfbd3cc997166ca13f985878e06a5cd
8 years ago
Maruti e59678f490 MAC address of VM not getting populated in OVSDB
The patch set fixes the problem described in the launchpad
bug 1445153, where the L2 gateway service plugin was getting
an error while inserting VM MAC address into the OVSDB server
when a new VM is booted on a network for which l2-gateway
connection exists.

Change-Id: I7e84a91f6e37c4bf557f8536b95b91f4a08f427c
Closes-Bug: 1445153
8 years ago
Selvakumar S fd6e93e6bb L2GW creation REST API output mismatch with input
L2Gateway creation for multiple segmentation ids for an interface input and output for rest api is not aligned.
This defect found only in case of user passes  multiple segmentation id .

Change-Id: Ie615afbe71dc0bd746fe475a932ee0143ccebfe0
Closes-Bug: #1439035
8 years ago
vikas a1338e224b Changing the log imports
Changing the log imports from
neutron.openstack.common import log to
oslo_log import log, due to change in latest neutron.

Change-Id: Ic7de94602feb088005f0b61e7d7963dde35a8ac0
8 years ago
Phani Pawan 4bb2002edc L2Gateway Service Plugin RPC Implementation
This patch set implements RPC calls that are initiated by the
L2 gateway agent destined to the L2 gateway service plugin

Change-Id: Id60565dca791cf0b104bb8d85a9b3c4c7b4537d7
Author: Phani Pawan <>
Co-Authored-By: Manjunath Patil <>
8 years ago
Maruti bdd538a5ea L2gw service plugin callback registration to ML2
The patch set introduces callback registration
to the ML2 plugin for PORT CREATE, PORT UPDATE
and PORT DELETE operations so that it can
accordingly instruct the L2 gateway agent
to configure the OVSDB server when these events
get trigerred.

Change-Id: I1ab8e95600f0cc079eebfcc05ab7e2c476de1bc2
8 years ago
Selvakumar S acbedd9a9b Defect fixed for l2 gateway DB implementation
1. Handled for multiple devices and interfaces
2. handled for multiple segmentation id
3. segmentation id validation handled
4. handled for multi segmentation network
5. handled for connection create for multiple networks with same l2gateway
6. Fixed defect during l2gateway delete check for connection exists
7. update l2 gateway when invalid device name given
8. update l2 gateway for multiple devices

Change-Id: I283449c417b82322e85e37f5c23f06c5618a0ab7
8 years ago
Maruti 3d9fec0c33 Movement of OVSDB models to db directory
The patch set moves the db models and helper methods
specific to OVSDB from
to networking_l2gw/db/l2gateway/ovsdb.

Change-Id: I5aad9e2910685cc1b9a9b1cbbf4a112bd9d5f140
8 years ago
Selvakumar 47de11fc2e L2gateway db implementation for RESTful API
This is initial db related files required
for implementing l2gateway RESTful API

Implements: blueprint l2-gateway-api
Change-Id: Ie6bd6b506bd704e0a86273ec7240b7eebb3b18b1
8 years ago