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  Vieri 2535cb4471 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 months ago
  Michel Peterson 0ceaa53b29 Remove outdated disclaimer from setup.cfg 9 months ago
  Mike Kolesnik 182be58f40 Remove the v1 drivers 9 months ago
  shubhendu 6ad0b40947 Follow the new PTI for document build 1 year ago
  Mike Kolesnik 6441b7848c Add command line tool to analyze logs 1 year ago
  Luong Anh Tuan 47e1a2dae9 Update URLs in documents according to document migration 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 86fd401d94 enable warning-is-error for sphinx build 1 year ago
  Deepthi V V 116951feb3 OpenDaylight Ceilometer Driver 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata d884c99cdf eliminate portbinding by ODL networking topology 2 years ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia 4dd74158ed Remove QoS V1 driver 2 years ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia 9b03645da7 QoS V2 driver for ODL 2 years ago
  Anil Vishnoi 7d315ca684 OpenStack Networking-SFC Ver.2 driver for ODL 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang bfde1718d3 Remove support for py34 2 years ago
  Anil Vishnoi 6f6428f6c3 OpenStack Networking-SFC driver for OpenDaylight 2 years ago
  avnish cf0068c9e1 Update homepage with developer documentation page 2 years ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia 59e668a89f ODL QoS driver of v1 Type. 2 years ago
  qinchunhua 5807e5791d Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 36a99875f5 Add releasenotes support with reno 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata c8c22a15f5 various update for tox.ini 2 years ago
  Mohammed Zaheeruddin Malick 770a4e4ed7 Switch-agnostic ODL port binding controller 3 years ago
  Federico Ressi c1b482aacb Make port binding implementation configurable 3 years ago
  Rich Curran 177d68fb85 Opendaylight L3 service plugin refactor to handle out of sync issues 3 years ago
  Gauvain Pocentek e9927b7273 Fix the odl-router entry point 3 years ago
  Henry Gessau 15d814e498 Fix up issues after decomposition 3 years ago
  Arvind Somya 78f656d95c Opendaylight driver refactor to handle out of sync issues 3 years ago
  Henry Gessau ce11005fce Decompose mechanism driver out of neutron completely 3 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata efe9b430ce db: prepare scripts for subproject db tables 3 years ago
  Kyle Mestery 98ef329f8b Update version for Liberty 3 years ago
  Kyle Mestery 90d56ec56b Update version to 2015.1.2 to make pbr happy 4 years ago
  Kyle Mestery 64a131378a Bump version to 2015.1.1 4 years ago
  Russell Bryant 2dc9b5f51e Add odl-router entrypoint 4 years ago
  armando-migliaccio 77374f1157 Use in-module ODL driver 4 years ago
  armando-migliaccio dc99cadcee Establish a successful baseline for CI jobs 4 years ago
  Kyle Mestery c1ecdb88c5 Rename module 4 years ago
  Carl Baldwin 1cdaa6cbde Move classes out of l3_agent.py 4 years ago
  Julien Danjou 8f857052e4 Remove Python 2.6 classifier 4 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi a41d5c4267 Remove ryu plugin 4 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 75b9de62af Add rootwrap filters for ofagent 4 years ago
  Cedric Brandily 25bfe4bf34 Remove openvswitch core plugin entry point 4 years ago
  Mark McClain b8928c3bae remove linuxbridge plugin 4 years ago
  Thierry Carrez 7181347c23 Open Kilo development 4 years ago
  Ann Kamyshnikova 422bd4c83c Fix entrypoint of OneConvergencePlugin plugin 4 years ago
  Trinath Somanchi 76c6fb56c9 Separate Configuration from Freescale SDN ML2 mechanism Driver 4 years ago
  shihanzhang 9707b932e0 Adds ipset support for Security Groups 4 years ago
  Hareesh Puthalath 1eff7ac66b Supply missing cisco_cfg_agent.ini file 4 years ago
  mark mcclain c06440aa72 Revert "Cisco DFA ML2 Mechanism Driver" 4 years ago
  Kevin Benton dc833fa047 Big Switch: Separate L3 functions into L3 service 4 years ago
  Motohiro OTSUKA ee17fb525e Remove reference to cisco_cfg_agent.ini from setup.cfg again 4 years ago
  Bob Melander ece25f54d0 Adds router service plugin for CSR1kv 5 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 5767293989 Support for extensions in ML2 5 years ago