202 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mike Kolesnik 2e6f60ccab Removing the fullstack tests 8 months ago
  Mike Kolesnik 182be58f40 Remove the v1 drivers 9 months ago
  Michel Peterson d3c16dc4c5 Fixes for the CI 9 months ago
  Michel Peterson 391c1d89ef Remove tox_install.sh helper 1 year ago
  Michel Peterson 63f8b04c71 Fix tox installation of neutron 1 year ago
  Michel Peterson 7cfbf343dc Make fullstack and functional native Zuul v3 jobs 1 year ago
  Mike Kolesnik ca72728495 Delete FWaaS 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 1bc2607708 fullstack: remove fullstack+carbon workaround 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata ba7aafe659 full/functest: remove screen usage 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 460298196f fullstack: wait for network-topology/netvirt 1 year ago
  XieYingYun 1b98bae75f Fix to use . to source script files 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 425b958cff fullstack: load nicira extension early for carbon 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 7c926f894e bashate devstack shell scripts 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata aa1a706d74 fullstack: don't install mysql/postgres 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata eb7ff61b52 fullstack: test arping in addition to ping 1 year ago
  Deepthi V V 116951feb3 OpenDaylight Ceilometer Driver 1 year ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia f59dba86d7 Use new Netvirt for dsvm-fullstack 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 1b750a45b2 Revert "Update Full stack config" 1 year ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia eaa9ab1d39 Update Full stack config 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata ba60ac7ae9 tox_install_project.sh: Use git clone --depth 1 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 3ec737918a tox: enable pylint 1 year ago
  Isaku Yamahata 5c12b9da0f tox: enable bashate 1 year ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka a490cdd037 Remove subunit-trace fork 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata b270aa03e5 Revert "test-requirement: avoid sqlalchemy 1.1.5+" 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 10bd866832 test-requirement: avoid sqlalchemy 1.1.5+ 2 years ago
  Frederick F. Kautz IV 4f6e286388 OVS connects to ODL using IP instead of hostname. 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata cf71c3b6c0 devstack: use localrc_set and use local.conf 2 years ago
  Vivekanandan Narasimhan 28479a7a94 OpenDaylight BGPVPN Version 2 Driver 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 0f62fcf18b avoid ovsdb port conflict 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 4fbed855b2 run functional/fullstack tests with v2driver 2 years ago
  gecong1973 9c5e80e5ee using sys.exit(main()) instead of main() 2 years ago
  Rui Zang 00dda4ff08 fullstack - use configure_for_func_testing.sh to setup env 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 98f82d6f19 functional: vagrantfile for functional test 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 566a18242e configure_for_func_testing: don't install rabbitmq 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 2ebaac6c17 configure_for_func_testing: don't use realpath 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata c5d97e56ee functional test: configure opendaylight 2 years ago
  xurong00037997 f1836748ef Fix typo 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 6ea988c81b functional test: install acl package 2 years ago
  Waldemar Znoinski eb8877de1d add dsvm-functional tests tox and gate_hook 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 3ec40af94c tools: catch up neutron-lbaas change 2 years ago
  Anil Vishnoi 6f6428f6c3 OpenStack Networking-SFC driver for OpenDaylight 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 5b4319bdb0 tox: use ostestr 2 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 5b78b038af stop doing any magic cloning of neutron during CI 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 33d5444638 Add Apache 2.0 license to source file 2 years ago
  Ronald Bradford 766d8de1c6 Cleanup unused oslo-incubator code 3 years ago
  Kyle Mestery c6a0e4394e Fix unit tests for networking-odl 4 years ago
  Kyle Mestery c1ecdb88c5 Rename module 4 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 196f73a0eb tox.ini: Prevent casual addition of bash dependency 4 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 3f390d5c53 pretty_tox.sh: Portablity improvement 4 years ago
  Russell Bryant ed64e73df7 Show progress output while running unit tests 4 years ago