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Akihiro Motoki c82d77ae4b Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
Part of doc-migration work. For more detail, see:

Change-Id: I9a7f9d3720a47eea113c59a326d75ab81342320a
6 years ago
Doug Hellmann 1b38c02c06 stop scanning for ocata release notes at 2.0.0
Because the stable/ocata branch was created from a commit without a tag,
reno can't figure out where to stop scanning on its own. Give it
instructions to stop scanning at 2.0.0, the earliest Ocata-series

Change-Id: I5df03ab71d438799ac0526c6adb99b7abe3e6ba8
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
6 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot fd62949c6e Update reno for stable/ocata
Change-Id: I2eec54f59511b8005c2d57326cca45dac51db900
6 years ago
Andreas Jaeger d60923c80c Enable release notes translation
Releasenote translation publishing is being prepared. 'locale_dirs'
needs to be defined in to generate translated version of the
release notes.

Note that this repository might not get translated release notes - or
no translations at all - but we add the entry here nevertheless to
prepare for it.

Change-Id: I2ad3ab26a59dfdbdf8d74c5ab577e7820369e232
7 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 949d244f52 Update reno for stable/newton
Change-Id: I3c8f0662f252732fe839a144e548c158117e9a07
7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 5eaa96f638 Fix releasenotes
There's no stable/liberty branch, remove the file so that release notes
building works.

Note: This is needed to fix translation sync, see

Change-Id: I8caa3a155eb1a412c9c8ad85bb3a60d3e6a25fe0
7 years ago
Yushiro FURUKAWA 649d368492 Fix typo
Replace from 'NetworkinOVN' to 'NetworkingOVN'

Change-Id: Id7b44886d3a3f0337cbb3b29189fe7f9e603b597
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 18fd7a1a1e Add reno for release notes management
Release management team has modified the way it releases
projects and a new process and guideline has been established.
This change adds support for the same. More information on
this can be found at [1].

Within OpenStack, reno can be used to create release notes
using the following command:
tox -e venv -- reno new slug-goes-here
where slug-goes-here is a prefix to your notes.
More info on reno usage can be found at [2].


Change-Id: Iad4573a738dcc972b003c20b1a3895dfd3094c2b
8 years ago