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Russell Bryant ac226200ab Remove DHCP and L3 agent remnants.
Both the L3 and DHCP agents are no longer supported.  Remove many more
remnants from when they were supported.

Change-Id: If71489f9ac56c7c26746d0fbfb4640e570591f26
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
zhangyanxian 1aedd827c4 Optimize the link address for fetching git code
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety without containing our
account/password information

Change-Id: I1f6b32a5323571f584efd194e0bd404bd6758af5
6 years ago
Dong Jun be4b3f5c6c Add "enable_service placement-api" to computenode-local.conf.sample
With the default compute-node sample, although the stack completed,
nova thread boot failed and an error occurred in n-cpu.log.

Change-Id: I61a9d5cdc1f384c64a580e4459c65872ac9733b7
Closes-Bug: #1664103
Signed-off-by: Dong Jun <>
6 years ago
Richard Theis 2ed6da5aa8 Deployment fixes for DHCP and metadata support
OVN native L3 and DHCP don't provide metadata support so config drive
must be used when both are enabled. However, if the conventional DHCP
agent is enabled it can be configured to provide metadata support.

This patch set provides the necessary DevStack and Vagrant deployment
fixes to properly configure DHCP and metadata support. In addition,
documentation and release notes have been updated accordingly. And
finally, the q-meta service was removed from devstackgatekuryrrc,
since the gate job is setup for OVN native services.

Co-Authored-By: Matt Kassawara <>
Change-Id: I9f6b23247df01c40c127b0e9daecd12f5721ff50
Related-Bug: #1514488
7 years ago
Jenkins c230897698 Merge "Remove 'origin/' in OVN_BRANCH" 7 years ago
chen-li 57a9538db2 Remove 'origin/' in OVN_BRANCH
When use origin/master, if we re-installed the
devstack with a RECLONE=True, an error will happen
with the error message:
  [ERROR] /opt/stack/devstack/functions-common:560 origin/master is neither branch nor tag

Use the branch name without 'origin/' works the same.

Change-Id: I89008b92e0ec355c36c7ae969e3cb97cd0517d97
7 years ago
Ryan Moats 22f1a4370f Make provider networking devstack examples work
The devstack/*.local.conf.sample files included example
blocks for enabling provider networks.  Update these
blocks to ensure that devstack "just works" when
provider networks are used.

Side-effect: Moved post-configuration blocks to the
end of the files so that they will also "just work"
when uncommented.

Note: the db-local.conf.sample file has not been updated

Change-Id: I5c3e51cd94a5848f8fb917d75ec49eac8dfdc35f
Signed-off-by: Ryan Moats <>
7 years ago
Russell Bryant d1892952e3 devstack: Tweak sample config.
The commented out value for OVN_BUILD_MODULES should be False.  The
default is True.  With this change, you only have to uncomment this line
to disable building the ovs kernel module.

Change-Id: I97c2382466d1d9fe8deb89c41c58e04271510fa2
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
7 years ago
Li, Chen 253ac1dc8c Add Provider Network enabling for devstack
This change allow users to enable provider network when they use devstack.
A provider network will be created instead of the default private network.
In a multi node set up, user still need to add the physical interface to
provider bridge by hand.

Change-Id: I74bc673e99fcc18fa2ecdf903d80cb1b6e57250a
7 years ago
Kyle Mestery f46f8ed1de devstack: Add Skydive for OVN devstack
Skydive [1] is a network topology and protocol analyzer which aims
to enable easier debugging and visibility into OVS and OVN networks.
Skydive is disabled by default.

We can merge this now since it's disabled by default, but for
Skydive to work with multi-node devstack, we need the patches
in this [2] series to merge into the Skydive repository.


Change-Id: Ifebb74a33413518cadf392644aed1d62a6a87b13
7 years ago
RYAN D. MOATS 35398d6ee8 Handle OVN NB and SB databases with separate ovsdb-server procs
To help with scale issues, default devstack to use ovn-ctl to
spawn separate ovsdb-server processes for the ovn databases and
to spawn ovn-northd.  As a side effect, there will be three
ovsdb-server processes running on an AIO node (the third process
serves the openvswitch configuration db)

Closes-Bug: 1542005

Change-Id: Iaa04cbe0dcf9661c9ee23f4f94e3db795b08c167
Signed-off-by: RYAN D. MOATS <>
7 years ago
Richard Theis 92e637cd4e Network availability zone deployment support
Add network availability support for DHCP agents to the devstack and
vagrant deployments. By default, all DHCP agents will use the default
availability zone (nova) with the ability to customize the availability
zone name.

Change-Id: I43f50473d9deae99fbdf7aa61676caa4c3d10687
Related-Bug: #1539274
7 years ago
Russell Bryant ee6074596d doc: Document HOST_IP setting requirement.
computenode-local.conf.sample requires both SERVICE_HOST and HOST_IP to
be set.  The docs in a couple of places only mentioned SERVICE_HOST as
they were written before HOST_IP was added to the sample configuration.

Change-Id: I9b456cf6dd894e81f7db238e377f1ffbeed81e05
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
7 years ago
Matthew Kassawara a22e4b0580 Devstack: Improve DHCP and metadata agents
Improve the deployment of DHCP and metadata agents:

1) Add an option with documentation to enable the DHCP and
   metadata agents on compute node(s) for multi-node
2) Add documentation to controller/single-node
   configuration in regards to disabling the DHCP and
   metadata agents for multi-node deployments.
3) Enable the DHCP agent to provide a route for metadata
   to instances.

Change-Id: Ib99b42adb19a92b9af9c685fb2d8f6f0f9fd8315
7 years ago
chen-li 58e1e35d45 HOST_IP is missing in computenode-local.conf.sample
We use HOST_IP to determin VNCSERVER_LISTEN, but there
is no HOST_IP defined first, this would result in vncserver_listen
is empty in nova.conf.

Change-Id: I660a17c7d60f77d194b1583c21dde9d12feb2908
7 years ago
Russell Bryant 60c46efe8c devstack: Add config for building ovs modules.
We load custom ovs modules to make sure we have ovs+conntrack support.
That support was first available in the upstream kernel in version 4.3.
Add a config option that lets you skip building custom modules and just
use the one included with the kernel.

Change-Id: I05cde6f43303324505fb533e42a3cf3212aa0893
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Aaron Rosen 2363831963 Make vnc work on compute node
Change-Id: I56e40515dcd4b395715db8953350d16a45eb0f96
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 102b8537f3 Updates to reflect move from stackforge to openstack
The move has been completed, so update all stackforge references to

Change-Id: I47854615fd9762783bb60da36582d02d8bad609e
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 50330ca5cf devstack: Add multi-node support
Instead of having a single "ovn" service that can be enabled, this
patch makes it so you can enable "ovn-controller" and "ovn-northd"
separately.  This is important for multi-node devstack testing, as you
only want to run ovn-controller on a compute node.  Documentation and
sample configuration has been updated to reflect how to use these

This patch also adds two new devstack config variables: OVN_REMOTE and

The default for OVN_REMOTE should be fine except on hosts where
ovn-controller is enabled.  In that case, it should be set such that
the host knows to talk to the proper host running ovsdb-server with
the OVN databases (the one running ovn-northd).

OVN_UUID is optional.  Normally a random UUID is generated (and saved
for re-use), but it can be specified if you desire to use a specific
one for some reason.

Change-Id: Iaf040fe17b26c9b7d0b61daa0bec1b3acbee3806
8 years ago