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Lucas Alvares Gomes f06a77c312 Enhance devstackgaterc to support neutron-api tests
This patch is modifying the devstackgaterc file to add support for
neutron-api tests.

Before this patch, devstackgaterc only supported 1 positional argument
for choosing the ovs branch (latest-release or master). Now, it possible
to pass as many options as needed and it will be much easier to extend.

This patch will be used at: 6791b94429f4a2f494e3f45426e074e8608ce917

Change-Id: Idee833a90c2c2dacea8c92ff58f67f6c3822bb9e
6 years ago
Daniel Alvarez ad1fea3e7b Metadata agent support in networking-ovn
Initial implementation

Changes in the mechanism driver:

    * Automatically create a port with device_owner=network:dhcp to
      serve metadata and eventually DHCP.
    * Auto-allocate an IP for the metadata port on subnet creation.
    * Push static route for in DHCP options.
    * Wait until metadata service is provisioned in the chassis where
      a port resides before sending the event to Nova.


    * Implementation of [0].

Devstack plugin:

    * Starts networking-ovn-agent with the proper config files.
    * Disables config drive in nova.conf for tempest against master
    * Enables TEMPEST_RUN_VALIDATION for tempest against master branch.

In order to test this patch out we need to make these changes to

    * [DEFAULT] section:
      force_config_drive = False
    * [neutron] section:
      service_metadata_proxy = True

This patch depends on [1] and [2] (already merged into OVS master).
NOTE: Metadata tests are only enabled for the non-voting tempest job
      which runs against OVS master branch. The release job runs against
      OVS 2.7 which doesn't include [1][2] so those tests are disabled
      until OVS 2.8 is released.


Change-Id: Ife2fd18f2f88050429e70c7e557fa41d2d54b034
6 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes c82ee932d4 Disable horizon for the tests in the gate
Horizon has been disable by defaul in devstack-gate
(, just like many other
projects, networking-ovn also doesn't test horizon in the gate so
there's no reason to keep it enabled.

Change-Id: Id83583b360e60c038f63b3caaf0c0595a6b9df3e
6 years ago
Dong Jun 29f9b90e0b Gate failed due to validation tests
The patch[1] changed default ssh validation from False to True, that
leads to our gate failure, because VM obtains password from metadata
agent for these tests but OVN does not support it.
This patch reverts validation to False, until OVN metadata agent is

Change-Id: Ie74fcd15dcc3c5999255dd0e1816417cb7eec56a
6 years ago
Russell Bryant ac226200ab Remove DHCP and L3 agent remnants.
Both the L3 and DHCP agents are no longer supported.  Remove many more
remnants from when they were supported.

Change-Id: If71489f9ac56c7c26746d0fbfb4640e570591f26
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
Russell Bryant 7d021a333d Switch back to ovs master.
Change-Id: I603f403849f55266b640ecee78a802ef59950802
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 043fab5585 Use neutron-lib's context module
Change-Id: If5040d047f4b28247b66a888d223e66ecf1dacf7
6 years ago
Russell Bryant e9db3d77a6 Support OVS branch arg to devstackgaterc.
A recent project-config commit started passing in an optional argument
to devstackgaterc to specify which OVS branch to use.  Make it work.

Change-Id: Id7823ddc9d6c4755367525cb43ca16ad4ffa9a86
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
Russell Bryant 4fe207e8b8 Sync devstackgaterc with devstackgatenativeservicesrc.
The main tempest job and the "native-services" job have been running the
same configuration for a while.  At one point we had thought that we
might want to retain support for the DHCP agent, but I propose that we
drop it and revisit if there's demand for it in the future.

After this patch lands, I'm going to remove references to the
nativeservicesrc file in CI config and then we can remove the file from
our repo.

Change-Id: I3aa7a6ac10e4da00d5830f68d7c9d3d684f91218
Closes-bug: 1639806
6 years ago
Jenkins 318581cc82 Merge "Re-enable a passing test." 6 years ago
Russell Bryant 3123e7f50d Enable placement-api in devstack CI jobs.

Change-Id: I568e0f28d849697e9f6b87256cb1525e6fee2365
6 years ago
Russell Bryant fdbc00a3bc Re-enable a passing test.
This test was disabled but appears to be passing fine, so re-enable it.

Closes-bug: 1641125
Change-Id: I199bf72364331bd7237a9e44b005a343f2943c33
6 years ago
Numan Siddique 666fc5cc58 Exclude the failing tempest test in devstackgaterc job
The commit with change id: I16b337b64b7d96486ba0edeea1bb51151f0b8825
disables l3 agent in devstackgaterc job. With this the
TestSecurityGroupsBasicOps.test_cross_tenant_traffic is failing.

Excluding this test for now till the issue is found and fixed.
Bug #1641125 is opened to track this.

Depends-on: I16b337b64b7d96486ba0edeea1bb51151f0b8825
Change-Id: Idc5d7dc5b979eba7b227fee227fb36d89271065c
Related-Bug: #1641125
7 years ago
Russell Bryant 6a52e30000 Drop L3 agent from CI jobs.
Now that native SNAT and floating IP support has been merged for
networking-ovn, we can drop support for the Neutron L3 agent.  This
patch affects the following CI jobs:

tempest-dsvm-networking-ovn - Change to use OVN L3.  We will keep this
job because we still need a second temptest job that ensures the DHCP
agent still works, even though it's currently disabled due to a bug that
came up a few days ago.

rally-dsvm-networking-ovn - Use OVN L3 instead of the Neutron L3 agent.

The changes to the test regex are mostly to reduce the diff from this
file to devstackgatenativeservicesrc.

Partial-bug: #1626717
Change-Id: I16b337b64b7d96486ba0edeea1bb51151f0b8825
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
7 years ago
Numan Siddique 17a54337d2 Disable q-dhcp in the devstackgaterc job
devstackgaterc job is failing in gate. When q-dhcp is disabled,
it is passing.
This patch disables the q-dhcp and makes use of the native dhcp as a
temporary solution to fix this issue.
q-dhcp needs to be enabled back once the issue is fixed properly.

Please see the bug description for more details.

Change-Id: I03aaceead620b8e312823a872ef95c42df673252
Partial-bug: #1639806
7 years ago
Jenkins 71d82e996d Merge "gaterc: Avoid running entire tempest test suite on grenade job" 7 years ago
Babu Shanmugam 96912cf846 gaterc: Avoid running entire tempest test suite on grenade job
Just run the smoke tests after grenade upgradation. This is similar
to how neutron runs the tests after upgrade.

Change-Id: Ica80d91c56e83f9ecf0e58c1d3d3c647979a1e29
7 years ago
Richard Theis 156b314b06 Enable q-meta service in devstackgaterc
The q-meta service wasn't enabled in devstackgaterc for the conventional
neutron agent gate job. As a result, a recent DevStack gate change [1]
broke the gate-tempest-dsvm-networking-ovn job because config drive is
no longer forced by default.


Change-Id: I1f30b550287e2ae0d49accee81a7ce4bddd3e0a4
7 years ago
Numan Siddique f4ab65d384 Support native OVN DHCPv4
OVN has added a new DHC_Options table in OVN NB DB to define
DHCP options. Logical Switch ports refer to this table if
DHCP is to be enabled.

This patch creates rows for DHCP_Options for each of the
subnets and adds the reference to the ports when created.

If extra DHCP options are defined for a port, a new
DHCP_Options row is created for the port.

Change-Id: Ia3e229f86bf66f5b9b0d867ff41f56ed4be2e8f4
Closes-bug: #1514488
7 years ago
Numan Siddique 426bf5a333 Support Allowed address pairs
This patch adds the necessary code to support the allowed
address pairs extension.

This patch also stores the ip address and mac address of the
allowed address pairs configured on a port  into the
OVN NB Logical_Port.port_security so that ovn-northd can add
the necessary port security logical flows.

Change-Id: I3a604328cd3d816e8288904d69aa06fdf6f57749
Closes-bug: #1469261
7 years ago
Numan Siddique ccfb172a60 Support port security API extension
This patch adds the necessary code to support the port security
extension. The user can enable or disable port security for each

This patch also stores the ip addresses of a port into the
OVN NB Logical_Port.port_security so that ovn-northd can add
the necessary port security logical flows.

Change-Id: Ic7932feffb10562fef35a63d8fa02f5f8fc94c4c
Closes-bug: #1496595
7 years ago
Jenkins 605f5d1d5c Merge "Drop unnecessary comment." 7 years ago
Russell Bryant 1feb5e5bf4 Drop unnecessary comment.
This section of devstackgaterc was never used.  Just remove it.

Change-Id: I75e7088e4b90081d3184832dc3ce85bfecbd0294
7 years ago
Jenkins 56c275f634 Merge "Re-enable some IPv6 tests." 7 years ago
Brad Behle 3790e97b02 Create devstack gaterc file for new ovn gate job
Create a new devstackgatenativel3rc file for a new ovn gate job
to test OVN when using native L3 support instead of the neutron
L3 agent.

Partial-Bug: #1549862
Change-Id: Icc794d61f62be7ef5a7499c507e1e1bf2bc4363b
7 years ago
Russell Bryant 4d153c4b23 devstack: Don't enable tempest in rally job.
Change-Id: I672df8ab4a26c5797514c53b78c78d9056727e65
Closes-bug: #1553933
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
7 years ago
Russell Bryant 6e11ef34b9 Re-enable some IPv6 tests.
These tests seem to be passing, so re-enable them.

Closes-bug: #1499024
Closes-bug: #1508206
Change-Id: I5f22ae0bd57aa1ebcae04395184aa944519b0b71
7 years ago
Russell Bryant 39d1fbdbd4 Run cross-tenant traffic tempest test
This test was probably fixed by changing the "remote_group_id" support
to use IP addresses instead of port names in OVN ACLs.  It passes now,
so re-enable it.

Closes-bug: #1508256
Change-Id: I4ae2dd79417b8776141843bc5e2db09cd40970c0
7 years ago
John Kasperski 7f1b8609dc Support neutron-vpnaas when OVN_L3_MODE=False
The neutron-vpnaas does not work with the OVN plugin when neutron L3
agent is enabled.  Update the supported extensions.

Change-Id: I2d12543c525578279152429a7740900c03a274a6
Closes-Bug: #1549080
Closes-Bug: #1541859
Signed-off-by: John Kasperski <>
7 years ago
Gal Sagie b8dee8f126 Change OVN_L3_MODE default to True
Depends-On: 3c1657eca450d82eadcb545c535047c58cf3744c
Change-Id: Ief00cbefaec4fc531994da362120cc25a88d172b
7 years ago
Dongcan Ye 598068157c Support modifying external network's attribute
OVN plugin support creating an external network, but we can not
update router:external option. If we want to using a new external
network, we need delete the old network.
In delete_network, floatingips not delete.

This patch supports update extenal network's field and handle
floatingips before delete network. Also remove the skipped
tempest api test for external_network_extension.

Closes-bug: #1474977
Change-Id: I5eebab2ba66e8943444437059402b11894845fcd
7 years ago
Russell Bryant a28e317d9f Add security group support using OVN ACLs.
This patch implements Neutron security groups by creating the
appropriate ACLs in the OVN_Northbound database.  OVN ACLs are
implemented using conntrack integration with OVS.

All of the OVN and OVS code is merged into master, but it requires
kernel support which has not yet been merged into the in-tree kernel
module in OVS.  There's a branch that has the kernel backport available,
so this patch also switches the default branch we test against to one
where the kernel backport is available.

The patch includes some TODOs and some bug reports for disabled tests,
though not all necessarily related to this patch.

Related-bug: #1457567
Change-Id: I71d59dcab3f8b52adb734308df7ac97e2fa0d1b4
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 14dcbe1299 Exclude some more tempest tests.
We used to exclude these to make runs go faster.  I'm running tempest
*a lot* right now, so let's exclude them again to make things a little

Change-Id: I502781af7293fcea03b1a2b3c61bdfdbf28e503e
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Aaron Rosen 24d8b68202 Skip test_dualnet_multi_prefix_dhcpv6_stateless
This test seems to fail about 20% of the time in the gate because it's
unable to ping one of the v6 addresses on the instance. This doesn't
seem to be a neutron/ovn_plugin issue as far as I can tell. This patch
skips this test for now until we can tackle why this is failing.

Change-Id: I6a6958e6c424ad13027623f66e1190f8e887bbec
Related-bug: #1499024
8 years ago
Jenkins b64dca6684 Merge "Run more tests in tempest job." 8 years ago
Russell Bryant 883b5fed77 devstackgaterc: Run some security group tests.
I think that this subset of security group tests are fine to run.
They should only require the API to manage security groups, which
should be working.

Change-Id: I3f7737e9d3803c8813ee0d4d9271248743ecaf1e
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Russell Bryant e712014385 Run more tests in tempest job.
The tempest config skipped some tests that should be working fine.  I
put this in when I was doing a full run many times to look at various
failures.  I just saw the tempest job pass, so let's start working
back toward running everything.

Change-Id: I139f22e75290a650f83106826beba339249d69af
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Aaron Rosen ff29fe24a5 Skip provider network tempest api tests for now
We currently don't implement the provider network extension in ovn.
Related-bug: #1474977

Change-Id: I8f516f4cdf4429a1a536faf4b2d7608edd66abf6
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 25e46498b3 Add support for port admin_state_up
Neutron supports administratively setting the state of a port to up or
down.  Support for this was just merged for OVN and this patch
integrates that support with Neutron.

Change-Id: I4daf4ed752a0e0d2b44fcfc0dc0a86c0e0b50971
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
Closes-bug: #1467971
8 years ago
Aaron Rosen 92ad2985c3 Skip allowed-address-pair tempest tests
We do not yet implement the allowed-address-pair extension in ovn.

Change-Id: I27e5eb76505d1604622d55e162acd964107ea48b
Related-bug: #1470615
8 years ago
Jenkins 300c223716 Merge "Start disabling failing tests." 8 years ago
Russell Bryant cbbb634ba4 Start disabling failing tests.
I plan to revise this patch with a list of failing tests until we have
a passing tempest configuration.

Change-Id: Ie8e538dafe6bcd2786cdc12a2e8ef7d0b9967a26
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 0543de3455 Control list of enabled services for tempest job.
This patch moves the list of enabled services into the local job
config so that we can more easily update it.  This list is the same as
what was in project-config with "n-obj" added.  One of the test
failures was
tempest.thirdparty.boto.test_ec2_instance_run.InstanceRunTest failing
when trying to create an S3 bucket, so I think turning this service
on will resolve that.

Change-Id: Ie9669381f0a1d5a695d998ab8453eb2427d39926
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago
Russell Bryant d3e411a828 devstack: Add devstackgaterc file
Add a devstackgaterc file to be used by our tempest CI job.  This
will let us tweak the regex used to select which tempest tests run by
updating this file instead of updating the job definition in the
project-config repo.

Change-Id: If191fcec235af839b0946751965f94298be99e26
Depends-on: I43f00d889fc44b7d5a43a60b729bf8e9ada1eb22
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
8 years ago