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Richard Theis 219dd4b959 Fix gate-tempest-dsvm-networking-ovn-native-l3-nv job
The gate-tempest-dsvm-networking-ovn-native-l3-nv job is broken due
to changes made by [1].  DevStack now handles L3 network resource
setup (i.e. public network and router) based on the "router" and
"external-net" neutron extensions rather than relying on the q-l3
service being enabled.  As a result, we can remove some of the code
copied from DevStack by [2].


Change-Id: I6a04cd206821348306fe375d23d460f963c617b4
Closes-Bug: #1590113
7 years ago
Brad Behle 12e5bb646a Create bridge for OVN L3 in devstack
When OVN is used for L3 routing in devstack, create the public
network, subnets, router, and also create the public bridge br-ex.
This is meant to be equivalent to what happens in devstack when the
L3 agent is enabled.  I hoped to do this by creating a flag that
could be set by plugins that would trigger the devstack code that
already exists to do this, but that approach was rejected (see  So, the next best thing
is to copy that code from devstack into the networking-ovn devstack
plugin, which is what I did here.

Change-Id: I7e17b9f9f967a2625aa81b9dfb50739567cc223c
Closes-Bug: #1567068
7 years ago