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Russell Bryant 92952f0165 Clarify that native L3 is always used.
Remove all remaining remnants of L3 agent support.

Change-Id: Ia9e97837e6eb1a23435f2def74060032ce0e5409
Closes-bug: 1626717
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
Babu Shanmugam c84e4d593b Grenade upgrade verification changes
From the earlier patch on grenade, following have been updated.
1. OVSDB from base run of neutron is upgraded to the new vswitch schema
   that OVN installation builds.
2. Stop, configure and restart the neutron server and it's agents after ovn
3. Since the OVN installation removes the kernel module, the datapath gets
   impacted and the br-ex will have to reconfigured.
4. Add a test network instance in the create phase and verify, if it is present
   in the OVN NB DB in the verify phase.

Change-Id: If2f31867078f626899258a61168042cafd5593fc
7 years ago
Babu Shanmugam 28b2c55d06 Grenade plugin for testing OVN migration from ML2/OVS
A new CI job (non-voting) is created in the patchset

Change-Id: I76a6a7d8cae3a6b8857c6ba323f87565524647e2
7 years ago