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zhangyanxian 1aedd827c4 Optimize the link address for fetching git code
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety without containing our
account/password information

Change-Id: I1f6b32a5323571f584efd194e0bd404bd6758af5
6 years ago
chen-li 57a9538db2 Remove 'origin/' in OVN_BRANCH
When use origin/master, if we re-installed the
devstack with a RECLONE=True, an error will happen
with the error message:
  [ERROR] /opt/stack/devstack/functions-common:560 origin/master is neither branch nor tag

Use the branch name without 'origin/' works the same.

Change-Id: I89008b92e0ec355c36c7ae969e3cb97cd0517d97
7 years ago
Kyle Mestery 2cfb7e8733 devstack: Add support for running the vtep emulator
This commit adds support to the networking-ovn devstack infrastructure to
run the HW VTEP emulator. A sample vtep-local.conf.sample is provided
showing how this is done.

Change-Id: Idb4bcdbd1286ff513a3b491e50ffe619cb6a9d6d
Signed-off-by: Kyle Mestery <>
7 years ago