5 Commits (b39346595da2a55eb50e5bb70015f3347b08d949)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lucas Alvares Gomes a6e741fdc6 Fix OVN migration workload creation order 9 months ago
Eduardo Olivares 6017620d93 Replace cirros 0.4.0 by 0.5.2 in ovn migration create-resources.sh.j2 10 months ago
Roman Safronov b583f4fddd Fix cirros image download during resources creation for migration 3 years ago
Numan Siddique 38394bcb51 Fix the migration playbook error 4 years ago
Numan Siddique 6546cb8ed9 Support migrating from ML2OVS to OVN using ansible. 4 years ago