Neutron integration with OVN
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OpenDev Sysadmins b9902dbb23 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 years ago
agent Fix stable/pike gate 3 years ago
cmd Metadata agent support in networking-ovn 4 years ago
common Use metadata IP as DHCP service IP for subnet without gateway IP 4 years ago
conf Initialize privsep in networking-ovn-metadata-agent 4 years ago
db Fix stable/pike gate 3 years ago
journal Fix a few typos 4 years ago
l3 schedule gateway on chassis with external connectivity 4 years ago
ml2 Fix race condition on ovn_client on startup 4 years ago
ovsdb Fix stable/pike gate 3 years ago
tests Fix stable/pike gate 3 years ago Initial Cookiecutter Commit. 7 years ago Stop translating log messages 4 years ago Ignore floating IP port for (create, update)_port 4 years ago Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago