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Dong Jun 21a2f5782e
Support connecting OVN DB over SSL
6 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 7 years ago
bug-1606458-b9f809b3914bb203.yaml Support a mixed DPDK and non-DPDK environment 7 years ago
networking-ovn-0df373f5a7b22d19.yaml Fix a few grammatical errors 6 years ago
ovn-native-nat-9bbc92f16edcf2f5.yaml NAT support (SNAT, FloatingIP) 6 years ago
ovn_dhcpv6-729158d634aa280e.yaml Support native OVN DHCPv6 7 years ago
ovsdb-ssl-support-213ff378777cf946.yaml Support connecting OVN DB over SSL 6 years ago
ovsdb_connection-cef6b02c403163a3.yaml Remove ovsdb_connection config option deprecated in Newton 7 years ago