DEPRECATED, Neutron integration with OVN
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Lucas Alvares Gomes 59db786ec3 Remove DevStack workaround
This is not needed anymore since DevStack has been fixed.

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networking-ovn - OpenStack Neutron integration with OVN

OVN provides virtual networking for Open vSwitch and is a component of the Open vSwitch project. This project provides integration between OpenStack Neutron and OVN.

The original OVN project announcement can be found here:

The OVN architecture is described here:

Here are two tutorials that help with learning different aspects of OVN:

There is also an in depth tutorial on using OVN with OpenStack:

OVN DB schemas and other man pages:

or find a full list of OVS and OVN man pages here:

The openvswitch web page includes a list of presentations, some of which are about OVN:

Here are some direct links to past OVN presentations:

These blog resources may also help with testing and understanding OVN: