DEPRECATED, Neutron integration with OVN
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# Copyright 2016 Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import time
import fixtures
import mock
from neutron.conf.plugins.ml2 import config
from neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers import type_geneve # noqa
from neutron.tests.unit.plugins.ml2 import test_plugin
from neutron_lib.plugins import constants
from neutron_lib.plugins import directory
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log
from oslo_utils import uuidutils
from ovsdbapp.backend.ovs_idl import command
from ovsdbapp.backend.ovs_idl import connection
from ovsdbapp.backend.ovs_idl import transaction
from networking_ovn.ovsdb import impl_idl_ovn
from networking_ovn.ovsdb import ovsdb_monitor
from networking_ovn.tests.functional.resources import process
LOG = log.getLogger(__name__)
class AddFakeChassisCommand(command.BaseCommand):
"""Add a fake chassis in OVN SB DB for functional test."""
def __init__(self, api, name, ip, **columns):
super(AddFakeChassisCommand, self).__init__(api) = name
self.ip = ip
self.columns = columns
def run_idl(self, txn):
encap_row = txn.insert(self.api._tables['Encap'])
encap_row.type = 'geneve'
encap_row.ip = self.ip
self.columns.update({'encaps': [encap_row.uuid]})
row = txn.insert(self.api._tables['Chassis']) =
for col, val in self.columns.items():
setattr(row, col, val)
class TestOVNFunctionalBase(test_plugin.Ml2PluginV2TestCase):
# Please see networking_ovn/tests/contrib/
# It installs openvswitch in the '/usr/local' path and the ovn-nb schema
# file will be present in this path.
OVS_INSTALL_SHARE_PATH = '/usr/local/share/openvswitch'
_mechanism_drivers = ['logger', 'ovn']
_extension_drivers = ['port_security']
l3_plugin = 'networking_ovn.l3.l3_ovn.OVNL3RouterPlugin'
def setUp(self, ovn_worker=False):
super(TestOVNFunctionalBase, self).setUp()
mm = directory.get_plugin().mechanism_manager
self.mech_driver = mm.mech_drivers['ovn'].obj
self.l3_plugin = directory.get_plugin(constants.L3)
self.ovsdb_server_mgr = None
self.ovn_worker = ovn_worker
def tearDown(self):
# Set Mock() to idl to avoid SSL file access errors.
# This is because, destroying temporary directory containing SSL files
# is earlier than terminating thread in Connection() object that
# the errors are likely to occur in the short period of time.
# However, Connection() does not provider a stop method for run(), we
# replace idl with Mock() to avoid accessing.
if self._ovsdb_protocol == 'ssl':
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbNbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection.idl = mock.Mock()
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbSbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection.idl = mock.Mock()
self.monitor_nb_idl_con.idl = mock.Mock()
self.monitor_sb_idl_con.idl = mock.Mock()
# Need to set OvsdbNbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection and
# OvsdbSbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection to None.
# This is because, when the test worker runs the next functional test
# case, the plugin will try to use the ovsdb_connection from the
# previous test case and will cause the test case to fail.
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbNbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection = None
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbSbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection = None
super(TestOVNFunctionalBase, self).tearDown()
def _ovsdb_protocol(self):
return self.get_ovsdb_server_protocol()
def get_ovsdb_server_protocol(self):
return 'unix'
def _start_ovsdb_server_and_idls(self):
self.temp_dir = self.useFixture(fixtures.TempDir()).path
# Start 2 ovsdb-servers one each for OVN NB DB and OVN SB DB
# ovsdb-server with OVN SB DB can be used to test the chassis up/down
# events.
self.ovsdb_server_mgr = self.useFixture(
process.OvsdbServer(self.temp_dir, self.OVS_INSTALL_SHARE_PATH,
ovn_nb_db=True, ovn_sb_db=True,
set_cfg = cfg.CONF.set_override
self.ovsdb_server_mgr.get_ovsdb_connection_path(), 'ovn')
db_type='sb'), 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_nb_private_key', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.private_key, 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_nb_certificate', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.certificate, 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_nb_ca_cert', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.ca_cert, 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_sb_private_key', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.private_key, 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_sb_certificate', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.certificate, 'ovn')
set_cfg('ovn_sb_ca_cert', self.ovsdb_server_mgr.ca_cert, 'ovn')
num_attempts = 0
# 5 seconds should be more than enough for the transaction to complete
# for the test cases.
# This also fixes the bug #1607639.
'ovsdb_connection_timeout', 5,
# Created monitor IDL connection to the OVN NB DB.
# This monitor IDL connection can be used to
# - Verify that the ML2 OVN driver has written to the OVN NB DB
# as expected.
# - Create and delete resources in OVN NB DB outside of the
# ML2 OVN driver scope to test scenarios like ovn_nb_sync.
while num_attempts < 3:
_idlnb = ovsdb_monitor.BaseOvnIdl.from_server(
self.monitor_nb_idl_con = connection.Connection(
idl=_idlnb, timeout=60)
self.monitor_nb_db_idl = self.monitor_nb_idl_con.idl
except Exception:
LOG.exception("Error connecting to the OVN_Northbound DB")
num_attempts += 1
num_attempts = 0
# Create monitor IDL connection to the OVN SB DB.
# This monitor IDL connection can be used to
# - Create chassis rows
# - Update chassis columns etc.
while num_attempts < 3:
_idlsb = ovsdb_monitor.BaseOvnIdl.from_server(
self.monitor_sb_idl_con = connection.Connection(
idl=_idlsb, timeout=60)
self.monitor_sb_db_idl = self.monitor_sb_idl_con.idl
except Exception:
LOG.exception("Error connecting to the OVN_Southbound DB")
num_attempts += 1
trigger = mock.MagicMock()
if self.ovn_worker:
trigger.im_class = ovsdb_monitor.OvnWorker
cfg.CONF.set_override('neutron_sync_mode', 'off', 'ovn')
trigger.im_class.__name__ = 'trigger'
# mech_driver.post_fork_initialize creates the IDL connections
self.mech_driver.post_fork_initialize(mock.ANY, mock.ANY, trigger)
def nb_idl_transaction(self, fake_api, check_error=False, log_errors=True,
return transaction.Transaction(fake_api, self.monitor_nb_idl_con, 60,
check_error, log_errors)
def sb_idl_transaction(self, fake_api, check_error=False, log_errors=True,
return transaction.Transaction(fake_api, self.monitor_sb_idl_con, 60,
check_error, log_errors)
def restart(self):
if self.ovsdb_server_mgr:
if self._ovsdb_protocol == 'ssl':
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbNbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection.idl = mock.Mock()
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbSbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection.idl = mock.Mock()
self.monitor_nb_idl_con.idl = mock.Mock()
self.monitor_sb_idl_con.idl = mock.Mock()
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbNbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection = None
impl_idl_ovn.OvsdbSbOvnIdl.ovsdb_connection = None
self.mech_driver._nb_ovn = None
self.mech_driver._sb_ovn = None
self.l3_plugin._nb_ovn_idl = None
self.l3_plugin._sb_ovn_idl = None
self.monitor_nb_idl_con = None
self.monitor_sb_idl_con = None
def add_fake_chassis(self, host, physical_nets=None, external_ids=None):
physical_nets = physical_nets or []
external_ids = external_ids or {}
fake_api = mock.MagicMock()
fake_api.idl = self.monitor_sb_db_idl
fake_api._tables = self.monitor_sb_db_idl.tables
bridge_mapping = ",".join(["%s:br-provider%s" % (phys_net, i)
for i, phys_net in enumerate(physical_nets)])
name = uuidutils.generate_uuid()
with self.sb_idl_transaction(fake_api, check_error=True) as txn:
external_ids['ovn-bridge-mappings'] = bridge_mapping
txn.add(AddFakeChassisCommand(fake_api, name, "",
return name