DEPRECATED, Neutron integration with OVN
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- name: Quickly disable neutron router and dhcp interfaces
shell: |
for p in `ovs-vsctl show | egrep 'qr-|ha-|qg-|rfp-' | grep Interface | awk '{print $2}'`
# p will be having quotes. Eg. "hr-xxxx". So strip the quotes
p=`echo $p | sed -e 's/"//g'`
ovs-vsctl clear Interface $p external-ids
ovs-vsctl set Interface $p admin-state=down
# dhcp tap ports cannot be easily distinguished from ovsfw ports, so we
# list them from within the qdhcp namespaces
for netns in `ip netns | awk '{ print $1 }' | grep qdhcp-`; do
for dhcp_port in `ip netns exec $netns ip -o link show | awk -F': ' '{print $2}' | grep tap`; do
ovs-vsctl clear Interface $dhcp_port external-ids
ovs-vsctl set Interface $dhcp_port admin-state=down
- name: Clean neutron datapath security groups from iptables
shell: |
iptables-save > /tmp/iptables-before-cleanup
cat /tmp/iptables-before-cleanup | grep -v neutron-openvswi | \
grep -v neutron-filter > /tmp/iptables-after-cleanup
if ! cmp /tmp/iptables-before-cleanup /tmp/iptables-after-cleanup
cat /tmp/iptables-after-cleanup | iptables-restore
echo "Security groups cleaned"
register: out
changed_when: "'Security groups cleaned' in out.stdout"
- name: Cleanup neutron datapath resources
shell: |
# avoid cleaning up dhcp namespaces if the neutron dhcp agent is up (SR-IOV use case)
if [[ "{{ item.value.cleanup_type }}" == "dhcp" ]]; then
docker inspect neutron_dhcp && echo "Shouldn't clean DHCP namespaces if neutron_dhcp docker is up" && exit 0
if ip netns | egrep -e "{{ item.value.netns_regex }}"
echo "Cleaning up"
cmd="$(paunch debug --file {{ ovn_migration_backups }}/tripleo-config/hashed-container-startup-config-step_4.json \
--action print-cmd --container {{ item.key }} \
--interactive | \
sed 's/--interactive /--volume=\/tmp\/cleanup-{{ item.key }}.sh:\/ /g ' )"
f="/tmp/cleanup-{{ item.key }}.sh"
echo "#!/bin/sh" > $f
echo "set -x" >> $f
echo "set -e" >> $f
echo "sudo -E kolla_set_configs" >> $f
echo "neutron-netns-cleanup {{ item.value.config }} --agent-type {{ item.value.cleanup_type }} --force" >> $f
chmod a+x $f
echo $cmd /
$cmd /
with_dict: "{{ agent_cleanups }}"
register: out
changed_when: "'Cleaning up' in out.stdout"