DEPRECATED, Neutron integration with OVN
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Infrared plugin to carry out migration from ML2OVS to OVN

This is an infrared plugin which can be used to carry out the migration from ML2OVS to OVN if the tripleo was deployed using infrared. See for more information.

Before using this plugin, first deploy an ML2OVS overcloud and then:

  1. On your undercloud, install python-networking-ovn-migration-tool package ( You also need to install python-networking-ovn and python2-openvswitch packages.
  2. Run :: $infrared plugin add ""

3. Start migration by running:

$infrared  tripleo-ovn-migration  --version 13|14 \

--registry-namespace <REGISTRY_NAMESPACE> --registry-tag <TAG> --registry-prefix <PREFIX>

Using this as a standalone playbook for tripleo deployments

It is also possible to use the playbook main.yml with tripleo deployments. In order to use this:

1. Create hosts inventory file like below [undercloud] undercloud_ip ansible_ssh_user=stack

2. Run the playbook as: ansible-playbook main.yml -i hosts -e install_from_package=True -e registry_prefix=centos-binary -e -e registry_localnamespace= -e registry_tag=current-tripleo-rdo