Checkin blueprint for networking-powervm for SR-IOV VIFs support

This is the blueprint to implement SR-IOV VIFs in networking-powervm

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Support SR-IOV VF for PowerVM
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This blueprint accompanies a blueprint in nova-powervm to support SR-IOV
ports in OpenStack PowerVM driver. This blueprint provides networking-powervm
specific topics. Refer to nova-powervm blueprint
Problem Description
Refer to nova-powervm blueprint for a detailed problem description and
glossary. This blueprint addresses consumption of SR-IOV 'direct' port in
PowerVM. PowerVM will be making use of the 'vNIC' technology in the platform
to enable SR-IOV with Live Migration capability.
The existing mechanism driver and SR-IOV agent implementation in OpenStack
involves handing SR-IOV physical ports directly on compute node. In PowerVM
this is not applicable. PowerVM's management element is a VM(partition) on
compute host. PowerVM compute node is a management partition, which, while is
Linux, does not have the physical SR-IOV hardware attached to it. Instead,
the hardware is owned by the hypervisor and the VFs are attached to the VM via
the hypervisor. This differs from that standard SR-IOV agent in that it can not
query the linux device tree. Which indicates the need for a new mechanism
Use Cases
Refer to nova-powervm blueprint for a list of use-cases supported.
Specifically for networking-powervm, mechanism driver and agent components of
this blueprint will play a role in binding the port with nova instance with
Proposed change
The changes will be made in in two areas:
1. ML2 driver: SR-IOV Mechanism driver:
A new mechanism driver will be developed that supports both 'VLAN' and 'FLAT'
network types. This mechanism driver will support 'direct' vnic type. Vif type
'pvm_sriov' will be used by this mechanism driver. The agent type supported
will be 'PowerVM SR-IOV Ethernet agent'
As designed, mechanism driver works closely with agent component on compute
node. Such an agent will provide 'bridge mappings' to mechanism driver. This
mapping will contain a list of physical network names supported by the
environment. During binding stages of the neutron port with nova instance, a
validation will be performed to ensure provider:physical_network attribute of
corresponding neutron network is valid and one of the physical network names
provided by agent in its configuration data. Mechanism driver for SR-IOV
function will be implemented under networking_powervm.plugins.ml2.drivers.
mech_pvm_sriov.PvmSRIOVMechanismDriver. This will be a subclass of
2. Agent:
A new SR-IOV neutron agent will be developed. This agent will support agent
type 'PowerVM SR-IOV Ethernet agent' (which links to above described mechanism
driver.) This Agent implementation will provide these three functions:
a. During its startup, will gather a list of physical network names from port
labels of all physical ports across SR-IOV adapters on compute node. This data
will be provided to mechanism driver via 'configuration' aspect of agent
b. When a valid neutron port is attached to nova instance, agent will update
its status to 'Active'.
Agent will be implemented as
SRIOVNeutronAgent which will be a subclass of BasePVMNeutronAgent. Design of
this agent will be in similar lines of SEA agent.
Security impact
Other end user impact
Performance impact
Deployer impact
Port labels of physical ports on SR-IOV cards will have to be updated with
physical network names. pvmctl command should be used for this purpose.
Developer impact
1. An updated version of Novalink PowerVM feature
2. pypowervm library -
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Eric Fried (efried)
Sridhar Venkat (svenkat)
Eric Larese (erlarese)
Esha Seth (eshaseth)
Work Items
1. networking-powervm changes
SR-IOV Mechanism driver extension changes
SR-IOV agent extension changes
Refer to nova-powervm blueprint.
Documentation impact
Refer to nova-powervm blueprint.
Refer to nova-powervm blueprint.
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